Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Martha Norrick, Chief Analytics Officer

Martha Norrick is the Chief Analytics Officer and Chief Open Platform Officer for the City of New York and Director of the Mayor's Office of Data Analytics (MODA). Martha previously served as the Director of Data Strategy at the Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity, where she led multi-agency data integration and analytics projects, including data management for the rollout of the City's pandemic emergency food program, and efforts to simplify and improve the delivery of social services. Previously, she served as a director in the Office of Management Analysis and Planning at the NYPD, in data leadership roles on presidential campaigns, and for the Democratic National Committee. Originally from Minnesota, Martha is a graduate of Barnard College with a degree in history and holds an M.S. in Applied Urban Science and Informatics from New York University.

Zachary Feder

Zachary manages the NYC Open Data Program at MODA. Prior to joining the team, Zachary spent more than a decade at NYC Parks, where he held roles in operations, analytics, communications, and project management. During his time at Parks, Zachary led media relations for the boroughs of Queens and the Bronx, and shepherded projects to improve the tracking and analysis of park cleaning and maintenance. Most recently, he helped to build Parks’ innovation team and establish its open data program. Zachary is a graduate of the University of Rochester with a degree in political science.

Cynthia Nicklin

Cindy is the Data Operations Manager for MODA, leading the office's efforts to improve data infrastructure, integration, and sharing for analytics projects at MODA and citywide. She is a digital librarian, who enjoys connecting people with the data that they need when they need it. Before joining MODA, Cindy implemented a Data Governance program at NYC Department of Buildings, and worked on the Content Management team at NYC 311. She holds a Masters in Library Science from Queens College.

Oliver Bjornsson

Oliver is a Policy Analyst at MODA, where he supports operations and strategic projects through policy-oriented research and analysis. Before coming to MODA, Oliver worked on the communications team of the City of Austin’s Corridor Program Office, which was tasked with the delivery of a $500 million multimodal infrastructure package. Oliver is an Icelandic-Canadian who holds a Masters in Public Affairs from the LBJ School at University of Texas at Austin.

Malgorzata Rejniak

Malgorzata Rejniak is a Project Manager at the Mayor's Office of Data Analytics, where she works to advance a portfolio of MODA’s analytics projects and supports a variety of strategic initiatives for NYC Open Data. Prior to joining MODA, Malgorzata completed her MPA degree in Urban and Social Policy from the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) at Columbia University. In between her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Malgorzata worked as a management and economic consultant for four years and served a variety of clients in the technology, telecommunications, and media industries. Malgorzata holds a BA in Economics and International Studies from Yale University. 

Faraz Ahmed

Faraz is a Data Scientist at the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics. He has experience applying computational tools in the areas of health, criminal justice and open data. Some of his work on data-driven initiatives includes improving response time for ambulances in Punjab (Pakistan), predicting the chances of recidivism for prisoners in Illinois, and analyzing citizens’ reactions towards open data policies in the U.S. Faraz holds an MS in Computational Analysis and Public Policy from the University of Chicago. In his free time, he loves to run, check out art galleries, and listen to 70s pop/rock music.

Nora Delaney

Nora is a Data Scientist at the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics. She is passionate about using social science methods and data visualization to examine, refine, and communicate about the delivery of public services. Prior to joining MODA, Nora's graduate studies and work at a higher education finance startup focused on modeling the link between higher educational attainment and earnings and employment outcomes. Nora received an MPA and MA in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences from Columbia University and holds a BA in History from Tufts University. 

Deena Patel

Deena is a Data Scientist at the Mayor's Office of Data Analytics. Before joining MODA, she was an energy systems scientist at Argonne National Lab, where she worked on forecasting fossil fuel and greenhouse gas emissions related to transportation. She has worked as a consultant for nonprofits on transportation related analysis and modeling. Prior to that, she was a postdoctoral fellow in the University of Michigan Physics department, where her primary research was on traffic safety and vehicle fuel efficiency. Deena received her PhD in theoretical and computational physics from the University of California Santa Barbara. She is also an NYC certified citizen street tree pruner.

Ryan Zirngibl

Ryan is a Data Scientist at the Mayor's Office of Data Analytics. A self-proclaimed data wrangler, Mr. Zirngibl is responsible for using data and information in order to create insight into NYC government operations. Prior to working with MODA, he worked for the FDNY's Analytics Unit, where he was the lead data scientist on Firecast, an algorithm used to predict the incidence of fire in NYC and adjust FDNY inspection resources accordingly. Ryan is a third generation public servant, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather before him, striving to help city government better serve the residents of New York.

Steve Scott

Steve has worked as a software developer for the City of New York since 2018, and now supports work at both the Mayor's Office of Data Analytics and the Mayor's Office of Operations. Before that, he worked for a number of governments and not-for-profit organizations, including Port Authority NY/NJ, Rutgers University Cornwall Center for Urban Studies, the City of Las Vegas, and Bridge Street Development Corporation. He earned his Master of Computer Science degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology, a Master of City Planning degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor of Arts from New College of Florida, with a concentration in Social Science. As a hobby, he enjoys making jewelry with algorithmic design.