Analytics Exchange

Analytics Exchange

In December 2017, MODA launched the Analytics Exchange (AnEx), a community of practice for data analysts across City agencies that has since grown to over 600 members at more than 60 agencies. AnEx convenes each quarter, providing City analytics professionals with opportunities to showcase their work and discuss shared interests and concerns.

If you are a City employee interested in receiving invitations to upcoming AnEx events, please email NYC Analytics.


Analytics Exchange Learning Summit

October 20 - 21, 2021

Call for Speakers

NYC Analytics Exchange Learning Summit is a two-day educational conference for New York City employees to improve their skills in data analytics, data engineering, and data governance. Join us for the first ever, virtual AnEx Learning Summit on October 20-21, 2021.

The NYC Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics is looking for speakers and presenters who can present high-quality specific skills trainings to an audience of City data practitioners. We would like to host sessions that are engaging and provide a tangible skill or convey a useful piece of knowledge. Attendees should walk away with a template, code notebook, guide, or other type of material that can be directly used in their work. 

Do you have a data analytics, engineering, or governance skill that others could benefit from learning? Are you an engaging trainer with experience teaching adult learners? We would love to hear from you! Please submit your ideas using this form for interactive, virtual trainings or workshops. You do not need to have a fully fleshed out proposal to submit. We encourage submissions that speak to similar competencies as the examples below:


  • Moving from Excel to Python/R
  • Working with open source mapping tools
  • Data visualization with ggplot/matplotlib/plotly
  • How to work with public data APIs (Census, OpenData)
  • Using GitHub as a Team for Version Control
  • SQL 101 - How to write a good query
  • What to Consider When Writing an MOU
  • Similar proposals focusing on concrete skills, emphasizing open-source tools and replicable processes.


The deadline for our call for proposals has been extended until Friday, September 3. The AnEx Team will be in touch with you within a week of your submission to further discuss your proposal. 

Submit your proposal

Call for Speakers FAQ

Why should I host an event as part of the AnEx Learning Summit?

You will have the opportunity to engage with the AnEx community of presenters and have a direct impact on improving the analytics and data skills of New York City’s workforce. 

What should I keep in mind as I’m submitting my proposal? 

As you’re submitting your presentation proposals, please keep in mind the following: 
  • AnEx participants have a range of skills from basic data analysis using Excel to building complicated machine learning models. They come from just about every City agency, and perform a wide variety of analyses using lots of different kinds of data. 
  • The actual tools that AnEx participants can use may be limited by City procurement processes, so we strongly prefer that your session focuses on open-source tools or is tool-agnostic. If you do teach a specific tool, there must be a free or trial version that event attendees can use and you must also teach a skill that can be used with other tools of that nature. 
  • In your proposal, you should identify the specific learning objectives and the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude that attendees will take away. 
    • Knowledge: What new ideas or concepts will the audience learn?
    • Skills: What will the audience know how to do after this session?
    • Attitude: How will the audience feel about the subject or get a better understanding of the subject?
  • You should describe or attach a handout, worksheet, code notebook, or other material that attendees can take with them after the session.

How are submissions evaluated? 

The AnEx Team reviews your submission using the following questions as a guide for evaluation. 
  1. Will you teach something engaging that provides a tangible skill or convey a useful piece of knowledge?
  2. Does your session fit within the data analytics, data engineering, or data governance track?
  3. Will your session fit within the overall AnEx Learning Summit framework to provide a range of skill levels and content for our audience?
  4. Will AnEx members take away a template, code notebook, or other type of material that can be directly adapted into their work thanks to the session?
  5. What is your speaking/teaching experience?
  6. How will this session work in a virtual conference setting?
  7. How inclusive is the event?

If selected, what are the responsibilities of a Presenter?

  1. Be responsive to communications from the AnEx Team.
  2. Provide brief summary content for AnEx marketing and session materials for review one month before the event.
  3. Provide a final version of all session materials two weeks before the event.
  4. Adhere to all accessibility and inclusivity event management practices to the best of your ability (the AnEx Team will provide guidance and resources).

What else should I know?

The AnEx team will arrange the virtual conference technology for your session and will manage invitations to attendees. The AnEx team will actively manage the conference technology during your session and will act as a host introducing you and handing you the virtual mic. There will be a technical rehearsal before the event to answer any questions you have and to work through the specific logistics for your session. 

Other questions? Email NYC Analytics