Citywide Data Sharing

Citywide Data Sharing

DataBridge – Citywide Data Sharing Platform

MODA partners with the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications and Technology and the Mayor's Office of Operations to maintain DataBridge, the Citywide data sharing platform. Building on top of the successes of the Data Element Exchange Program and 311 analytics, MODA developed automated data feeds from over 50 source systems belonging to roughly 20 agencies and external organizations. All of this data is warehoused and merged on the geographic information included in the data, permitting the City to perform cross-agency analysis.

All City agencies have access to DataBridge. For more information on DataBridge, please email NYC Analytics.   

Data Liaison

MODA serves as the designated point of contact for outside partners contributing to or using City data. This includes the National Weather Service, Federal Emergency Management Administration, ConEdison, Long Island Power Authority and the State of New York as data contributors. MODA also works with Academic institutions do develop and deploy data sharing protocols and standards. MODA has active partnerships with New York University Center for Urban Science and Progress and the Columbia University Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering.

Developing Data Savvy Agencies

MODA has partnered with the Department of Citywide Administrative Services to create Analytics 101 course for City government employees. The course covers basic statistical and data management techniques. It provides an overview of available data and tools. MODA is also participating in the DCAS management academy to promote data driven decision making and improve data literacy among City managers. 

For more information, visit the Citywide Training Center.