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The NYC Recovery Data Partnership (RDP) was an effort for community, non-profit, and private organizations to share data free-of-charge with the City to aid in Covid-19 response and recovery efforts. The program ran from July 2020 to its scheduled end in December 2021, connecting over 80 City analysts with data from 15 organizations in areas such as spending, real estate, and mobility. 

The Recovery Data Partnership was chaired by the Mayor's Office of Data Analytics and the Mayor's Office of Operations, with counsel from the City's Chief Privacy Officer. Technical support was provided by the Department of City Planning's Data Engineering team.

Data Partners

A list of the partner organizations that shared data with the City through the Recovery Data Partnership is below:

StreetEasy, Zillow Group's NYC brand


Urban Systems Lab
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Live XYZ

City Agency Users

A list of the City agencies and offices that used data from the Recovery Data Partnership is below:

Department of City Planning
Department of Parks and Recreation
Department of Transportation
Mayor's Office of the Chief Technology Officer
Mayor's Office of Data Analytics
Mayor's Office of Operations
Mayor's Office of Resiliency
New York City Council
NYC Emergency Management
Office of Management and Budget

Guiding Principles of the Partnership

The City designed the Recovery Data Partnership with New Yorkers and the following principles in mind:

  • Equity and Fairness: The City aims to seek and use representative data of the lived experiences of New Yorkers from all backgrounds and geographies to inform efforts for an equitable recovery.
  • Transparency and Accountability: The Recovery Data Partnership team will review all proposed City uses of data provided by partners, and information about data uses will be made publicly available for New Yorkers to see how data is being used through analysis. Partnership advisors will have an opportunity to contribute their ideas and expertise as part of the City's review process.
  • Privacy: The City takes protecting and being a custodian of New Yorkers' information very seriously. All partners have agreed to adhere to City privacy and confidentiality guidelines, and the City will restrict data access to agencies and analysts with approved Covid-19-related use cases.


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