Supporting Operations

Supporting Operations

MODA works with City agencies to more effectively deliver City services. Every day, the NYPD responds to over 300 felony calls, FDNY trucks arrive at on average 69 structural fires, the Department of Buildings responds to 40 emergency building safety issues, Sanitation removes 1,450 tons of recycling from the City, and the Department of Parks and Recreation plants 250 new trees. The Mayor's Office of Data Analytics performs analyses to more intelligently allocate City resources.

Office of Citywide Emergency Communications – 911 end-to-end reporting

Due to complex and varied nature of the calls to the City's 911 system, the process of responding to those emergencies involves a system of a six different systems that work together to handle any type of incident that may occur. The Police, Fire and EMS all reported on their performance. Working with the Office of Citywide Emergency Communications, MODA was able to stitch together all the pieces to determine the average length of time it took to respond to various call types. This information allows us to look at how much time each stage of the process takes and look for ways the process can be improved to reduce overall response time and maintain a high level of performance during disasters.

These metrics are available on an annual basis in the Mayor's Management Report and on a weekly basis on the 911 Reporting Website

Press Release on 911 Response Time Reporting System

Fire Department - Risk Based Inspection System (RBIS)

MODA worked with FDNY to update the Risk Based Inspection System, an algorithm that directs FDNY inspections to over 300,000 buildings in the City. By re-weighting the inspection criteria to identify buildings that have similar characteristics of buildings that have historically had serious fires, the Mayor's Office of Data Analytics has created a more accurate risk map, which means that FDNY is able to cut its response time to inspecting the worst conditions by nearly two-thirds.


Press Release on the Risk Based Inspection System 

Department of Buildings – Illegal Conversion Task Force and B+ Inspections

MODA developed a targeted approach to identify high-risk illegal conversions, quickly conduct joint-agency inspections, and take action to address dangerous conditions. It relies on a risk assessment model that will be applied to illegal conversion complaint records weekly. The model generates a targeted list of illegal conversions complaints historically associated with a high risk for a fire, and the locations are inspected within 48 hours by a joint inspection team, which vastly improves the chances for access.
MODA expanded this approach to all "B" level complaints received by the Department. Any complaints fitting the model are tagged "B+" before they are delivered to the borough command. Inspectors use the ranking to prioritize complaints with a higher likelihood of resulting in a violation.