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    The Mayor's Office of Animal Welfare's annual report is issued to the Mayor and the Speaker of the City Council in accordance with Local Law 204 of 2019. Read the first annual report to learn what we've done to protect animals and preserve the human-animal bond during these challenging times.

    Download the 2020 Report (PDF)
Photo of Mayor Signing Animal Rights Legislation into Law
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    A historic package of animal rights legislation was signed into law by Mayor de Blasio, building on the Administration's commitment to the welfare and humane treatment of animals.
Visit WildlifeNYC
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    WildlifeNYC is a campaign launched by the City of New York to increase public awareness about urban wildlife. This is an unprecedented effort to promote conservation and coexistence between humans and wildlife through public policy, responsible management plans, and educational initiatives. 
Visit the OneNYC 2050 website
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    Starting in the 2019-20 school year, all NYC public schools are serving vegetarian menus on Mondays. Meatless Mondays is just one of the City’s meat reduction initiatives. Read about other commitments to reduce meat in the OneNYC 2050 Strategic Plan.


The Mayor’s Office of Animal Welfare website was created to share information about the Office's vision for a fairer city to animal welfare.

The Mayor's Office of Animal Welfare has four main focus areas:

  • Companion Animals
  • Wildlife
  • Working Animals
  • Human Dimensions of Animal Welfare