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    Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that Deanne B. Criswell will serve as Commissioner of the New York City Emergency Management Department. Criswell brings over 25 years of experience in federal, military and local government response to complex incidents and disasters, including six years at FEMA, to the department.

Mayor de Blasio and Vicki Been seated together
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    Mayor de Blasio appoints Vicki Been as Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development. Been is a nationally recognized expert on urban policy and is the former Commissioner of the Department of Housing Preservation and Development. As Deputy Mayor, Been will transform the City’s anti-displacement and affordability strategies and create economic opportunity for all New Yorkers.
Image of Renee Campion in front of NYC Skyline. NYC OLR logo is next to headshot
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    Mayor Bill de Blasio appointed Renee Campion as Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Labor Relations. She will be the first women ever to lead the office. Campion will be responsible for negotiating labor agreements with 150 bargaining units representing over 360,000 City workers.

Julie Menin at seated at Census announcement
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    Mayor Bill de Blasio appointed Julie Menin as Director of the Census for New York City. She also will serve as Executive Assistant Corporation Counsel for Strategic Advocacy. In her new roles, Menin will organize extensive outreach efforts to encourage every New York City resident to participate in the upcoming 2020 Census.

Message from the Mayor

Mayor Bill de Blasio

Our public employees represent a thread that runs through this Administration - a belief that public service is a noble calling - that part of what makes New York special is helping our neighbors navigate life's challenges, big and small. New York's drive and diversity are unparalleled in this country, and we have appointed a City Administration that proves it - putting our best women and men in charge of delivering city services with efficiency and integrity. This is a team that knows how to execute its core responsibilities - while never losing sight of the fact that we're called to be part of a larger mission as well. We must lay the foundation now for the strength
and stability of New York’s future…a future of greater
equality and opportunity.

Mayor Bill de Blasio
State of the City Address
February 11, 2014