About LeadNYC

LeadNYC Mission

LeadNYC is the leadership initiative launched by the Outreach and Talent Development team in the Mayor’s Office of Appointments to recruit, develop, and retain NYC government’s world-class talent and advance Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vision of a diverse and inclusive government workforce. LeadNYC is also a dedicated community of leaders, mentees, mentors—all public servants who share a common interest in growing NYC’s talent pool and a deep commitment to bettering the lives of New Yorkers.


The Mayor’s Office of Appointments works with a vast network of industry, professional, academic, and community leaders and stakeholders throughout the City to identify and recruit the best talent NYC has to offer. Our outreach embodies Mayor de Blasio’s commitment to a diverse, exceptional workforce that is representative of the melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives that make NYC great.

Development and Retention

To ensure we not only attract, but also develop, retain, and bring together our top talent, the Mayor’s Office of Appointments has launched a new suite of professional opportunities for NYC employees:

Flash Mentorship

The Flash Mentorship Program, the forerunner of LeadNYC’s professional development platform, connects early career and mid-level City employees with senior government leaders for one-time, one-hour mentoring sessions focused on career development in NYC government.

Professional Development

To complement the one-on-one structure of Flash Mentorship, the Mayor’s Office of Appointments hosts additional professional development programming opportunities. Panels introduce the LeadNYC community to senior government leaders and their career insights on a range of broad topics. A Learning Series is comprised of targeted, single-topic discussions for smaller groups of individuals, highlighting specific government functions and professional competencies that make the complex government of NYC function smoothly.


While the Flash Mentorship Program, along with LeadNYC’s panels and learning series, facilitate top-down knowledge transfer, LeadNYC also creates networking opportunities to encourage peer-to-peer collaboration, so that the benefits of professional development extend beyond an event’s immediate audience and into the broader LeadNYC community and NYC workforce.

Our Commitment to Diversity

The Mayor’s Office of Appointments believes that diversity and inclusion is at the heart of what makes the NYC government workforce the best in the world. Through its initiatives, the Mayor’s Office of Appointments is committed to building and maintaining a network of government leaders as diverse as the communities they serve, so that together we can continue to build a more just and equitable New York City.