BIC has a staff of experienced investigators who respond to reports of unlawful or improper acts in the wholesale markets or by carting companies.

If you have a complaint or question about an incident in the wholesale markets or related to a carting company's acts or practices in New York City you can submit it online.

You may also call BIC's complaint telephone line at 212-437-0600 or fax your complaint to 646-500-7096. Your complaint will be treated confidentially.

If you have a general complaint, please contact 311, who will direct your call to the appropriate BIC individual. From outside NYC, you may contact 311 by dialing 212-639-9675.

Complaints Relating to Commercial Recycling Rules

The City began enforcing the updated commercial recycling rules on August 1, 2017. Under the rules, commercial establishments must set out garbage separately from recyclable materials. Private carters servicing those commercial establishments are prohibited from mixing recyclables with garbage in the same collection vehicle. If you observe a private carter who is mixing garbage with recyclable material that has been separated in the same collection vehicle, we encourage you to contact BIC. When you make your complaint, submit as much information as possible relating to the complaint, including the time, date, and location of the incident, the name of the company involved, and any photographs or video. As with any other complaint, your recycling complaint will be treated confidentially.

Although we accept anonymous complaints, providing your name and contact information is helpful for follow-up purposes. Assuming you have provided contact information, an assigned investigator will attempt to contact you regarding your complaint. At the conclusion of our investigation, we will inform you on the resolution of your complaint.