Local Law 108 of 2021: Side Guard Requirement for Trade Waste Vehicles

Background on Law

By January 1, 2023, private trade waste carting companies that are licensed by or registered with the New York City Business Integrity Commission (BIC) must comply with the requirements of Local Law 108 of 2021 (LL 108).

LL 108 requires that all trade waste vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) over 10,000 pounds be equipped with side guards by no later than January 1, 2023.  (LL 108 amended the side guard requirement in the original side guard law (Local Law 56 of 2015) to make it one year earlier.)  Side guards are proven to improve traffic safety on New York City streets.

In the coming months, the Commission expects to propose rules that provide further guidance on the side guard requirement and a process to apply to the Commission for a waiver of the side guard requirement in limited instances where installation is impractical. The rulemaking process provides an opportunity to review and comment on the proposed rules.

Please check this page periodically for updates and be on the lookout for BIC Directives and Notices with further information.


Text of LL 108
Side Guard Vendor List