Grievance survey

The Board of Correction is an independent oversight agency for the Department of Correction. Our agency creates the Minimum Standards that the Department must follow. We are interested in learning about your experience with the grievance / complaint system and your recommendations for improving it. Participation is voluntary and your individual responses will be confidential. What we learn from this survey will inform the Board’s recommendations in its upcoming public report on this topic.

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4. Have you ever filed a grievance / complaint?
5. If so, how many grievances / complaints have you filed?

To answer the following questions, please think about the most recent grievance / complaint you filed.

6. At what facility did the concern occur?
7. How was the grievance / complaint filed? Please select all that apply.
8. Has your access to the grievance system been impacted by any of the following? Check all that apply.
9. The Grievance / Complaint process is
10. How satisfied were you with the resolution (s) provided?
12. If you were not satisfied with your resolution and the grievance was filed directly in the facility, were you informed that you could appeal?
13. If yes, how were you informed (check all that apply)

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