Board Members

James Perrino

James Perrino worked at the New York City Department of Correction for 27 years. Perrino was a leader in the adolescent reforms made by DOC in recent years. Most recently, Perrino served as the Director of Correction Services and Standards where he collaborated with facility wardens, uniform, and non-uniform staff to support youthful offender program operations, supported the agency’s initiatives for promoting safety and reducing recidivism, assisted staff with youthful offender programs at various facilities, and assisted with the development of the alternatives to punitive segregation for 18-21 year olds. Previously, Perrino worked in several different DOC facilities, working as an assistant chief, warden, deputy warden, assistant deputy warden, and captain. As Assistant Chief, Perrino’s work included managing the operations of the Robert N. Davoren, Eric M. Taylor, and Rose M. Singer Centers. As warden, Perrino collaborated with multidisciplinary staff including, but not limited to, medical, education and clinical staff to ensure the needs and best practices for treatment of inmates were met. Perrino has received several awards for his city service, including Warden of the Year and the Janice Jackson Humanitarian Award.