Board Members

The following is our current list of our Board Members (and corresponding committee assignments):

Executive Board

  1. Yahay Obeid,  Chair (Leadership)
  2. Albert D'Angelo, Vice Chair (Leadership)
  3. Veronica Castro, Treasurer (Leadership; Economic Development; Ethics & Disciplinary; Public Safety) 
  4. Hazel Miura, Secretary (Leadership; Health & Social Services; Housing)
  5. Oral A. Selkridge, Sergeant at Arms (Leadership; Land Use)

General Membership

  1. Salsabeel Al-Silwi (Education, Culture & Youth Services)
  2. Christian Amato (Parks & Recreation; Transportation)
  3. Ornela Beshiri (Education, Culture & Youth Services)
  4. Durrell Boahen (Economic Development)
  5. Junior Campbell (Sanitation & Environmental Protection)
  6. Cristina S. Contreras (Health & Social Services)
  7. Bernadette Ferrara (Leadership; Education, Culture & Youth Services)
  8. Avril Francis (Sanitation & Environmental Protection)
  9. Rabbi Moshe Fuchs (Leadership; Transportation)
  10. Malcom Gray (Housing; Education)
  11. Kenneth Gelnick (Leadership; Ethics & Disciplinary; Land Use)
  12. John Johnson (Leadership; Ethics & Disciplinary; Land Use; Nominating & Elections**)
  13. Debra Kawalick (Parks & Recreation; Transportation)
  14. Maleny Lahoz (Health & Social Services; Public Safety)
  15. David Leavitt (By-Laws**)
  16. Phyllis Nastasio (Education, Culture & Youth Services)
  17. Naomi Pemberton (Ethics & Disciplinary)
  18. Shradhanand Pirtam (Economic Development)
  19. Keith Ramsey (Education, Culture & Youth Services)
  20. Juanita I. Randall (Housing)
  21. Richard Reynoso (Housing)
  22. Eliezer Rodriguez* (Ethics & Disciplinary; Public Safety)
  23. Joanne Russo-Rubino (Economic Development; Health & Social Services; By-Laws**; Nominating & Elections**)
  24. Edit Shkreli (Economic Development; Ethics & Disciplinary)
  25. Lisa Soto (Leadership; Parks & Recreation; Transportation)
  26. Joseph A. Thompson* (Leadership; Economic Development; Nominating & Elections**)
  27. Sandra Unger (Leadership; Health & Social Services; By-Laws**)
  28. Janice Walcott (Parks & Recreation)

Ex-Officio: All City Council Members whose district forms a part of the Community Board are non-voting Board Members.

*Veteran of the United States Armed Forces.

**Non-standing committee.