Community Board 11
1741 Colden Avenue
Bronx, NY 10462
(718) 892-6262*

Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Albert D'Angelo

Anthony Vitaliano
First Vice Chairman

Jeremy H. Warneke
District Manager

John A. Fratta
Administrative Business Promotion Coordinator

Harriet Lasky
Community Coordinator

Chris Kirka
Community Associate

*If you request assistance from Community Board 11 and your request involves another City of New York agency, please obtain a 311 service request number first and be prepared to provide us with the reference number(s), assuming sufficient time has been given to the City to respond to your request. Also be prepared to provide us with as much detail as possible about your problem/question/issue/concern. EXACT location, days and times of occurrence...and if any other agency has been contacted such as an elected official's office tend to be of immense importance.