Much of a Community Board’s work takes place in committee meetings. Committees are chaired by a Community Board member, but community residents who are not Board members may also serve on committees. All committee members are appointed by the Community Board Chairperson.

Bronx Community Board 12 currently has a total of 11 standing committees. Committee chairs are responsible for setting meeting dates, creating agendas, submitting meeting minutes, and providing committee reports at Board meetings.

Executive Committee

Consists of the Officers of the Community Board and the Chairpersons of each Standing and Special Committee.

Economic Development and Business Services

Works with the business community and city agencies to promote business development, help generate local employment opportunities, and connect community residents with job training. The committee also reviews all new and renewal liquor license requests.

Environmental Concerns

Advocates for the community on environmental issues relating to health, quality of life, and preservation of the environment. Monitors the provision of services relating to sanitation, refuse removal, transport of solid waste, street cleaning, snow removal and other related municipal services.

Health and Human Services

Evaluates health programs and city agencies services to promote health awareness and disseminate information to local groups and community residents.


Works with local city agencies, tenants, tenant advocacy groups, and building owners to address issues affecting housing and home owners.

Land Use

Monitors issues affecting land usage, planning, variances, and zoning. Additionally, this committee heads the Uniform Land Use Review Process *(ULURP).

Libraries and Cultural Affairs

Liaises with the New York Public Library (NYPL) to increase community awareness of services and resources offered. Seeks opportunities to showcase local cultural assets through exhibits and community outreach.

Parks and Recreation

Works with the Parks Department to ensure that . Advocates for maintenance and new services and programming. Actively liaises with local community park Friends groups and nonprofits.

Public Safety

Works with the NYC Police and Fire Departments and Office of Emergency Management to increase the safety and welfare of community residents.

Transportation and Capital Projects

Monitors service delivery of city and state agencies relating to roadways, bridges and overpasses, mass transit, toll charges, capital projects, future capacity planning, and other transportation services.

Youth Services and Education

Collaborates with parents, teachers and school administrators local education issues. Liaises with city agencies providing youth services.