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Ocean Hill-Brownsville

Community District #16, most commonly known as Ocean Hill-Brownsville, is located in East Brooklyn. It is comprised of 1,230.6 acres of land and is bounded on the north by Broadway, on the east by Van Sinderen Avenue, on the south by the Long Island Railroad, and on the west by East 98th Street, East New York Avenue, Ralph Avenue, Atlantic Avenue and Saratoga Avenue.

The housing stock is a mix of one- and two-family, privately-owned homes and a large concentration of government subsidized multiple dwellings (which include 15 traditional Housing Authority projects, rehabbed multiple units also under Housing Authority management, SRO and family shelters, Section 8 housing, Mitchell-Lamas, cooperatives, and condos).

According to the 2010-2012 American Community Survey 3-Year Estimates, Ocean Hill-Brownsville is home to 122,114 people of whom 80% are Black, 18% of Hispanic origin, and 2% of other descent. The median household income is $30,504 and approximately 40% of the population receives income support.

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