Historic Districts

Community District 2 is home to ten of the 30 historic districts in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Heights Historic District, designated in 1965, was the first to be created in New York City. The most recent landmark area to be designated within the community district is the Borough Hall Skyscraper District, which was approved in 2011. Research conducted for the Fiscal Year 2012 Statement of Community District Needs estimated that approximately 40 percent of the residents here live in a historic district. The ten districts are listed below with links to their respective maps and designation reports.

Boerum Hill (1973)

See the Boerum Hill district map 
Read the Boerum Hill designation report

Borough Hall Skyscraper Historic District (2011)

See the Borough Hall district map 
Read the Borough Hall designation report 

Brooklyn Academy of Music (1978)

See the Brooklyn Academy of Music district map 
Read the Brooklyn Academy of Music designation report

Brooklyn Heights (1965)

See the Brooklyn Heights district map 
Read the Brooklyn Heights designation report

Clinton Hill (1981)

See the Clinton Hill district map 
Read the Clinton Hill designation report 

DUMBO (2007)

See the DUMBO district map 
Read the DUMBO designation report

Fort Greene (1978)

See the Fort Greene district map 
Read the Fort Greene designation report

Fulton Ferry (1977)

See the Fulton Ferry district map 
Read the Fulton Ferry designation report

Vinegar Hill (1997)

See the Vinegar Hill district map 
Read the Vinegar Hill designation report

Wallabout (2011)

See the Wallabout district map 
Read the Wallabout designation report