Landmark Preservation Commission

Landmark Preservation Commission

As required by the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC), applications for work that requires a Certificate of Appropriateness must be presented to the community board prior to the LPC public hearing.

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Notification and Schedule

LPC applications are reviewed by the Land Use Committee of Community Board 2. The committee generally meets on the third Wednesday of the month, September-June. During July and August, applications may be reviewed by the Executive Committee, which typically meets on the fourth Monday of the month.


Applicants are requested to contact the community board's district office as soon as LPC staff informs them the application is ready to be included on an LPC public hearing agenda. Notification later than eight days prior to the committee meeting may result in Community Board 2 requesting the application be laid-over to a later LPC hearing. In order to conform with the LPC schedule set forth in Section 25-308 of the Administrative Code, final review of applications is generally conducted by the Executive Committee, not the full board, at its meeting at the end of the month.
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Scope of Work

The Land Use Committee requests that a full scope of work be listed on its meeting agendas. The committee requests the following:


  1. Address of property, including any alternate address(es).
  2. Complete yet concise description of all work being presented to the commissioners. Please be specific. For example, "Construct a full-width rear yard extension on the garden and parlor floors, in brick to match exisiting rear facade," is preferable to "Construct rear yard extension."
  3. Brief description of all work that will receive a Certificate of No Effect or a Permit for Minor Work.
  4. Notation of any changes made at the request of the staff preservationist; i.e.: "LPC staff was satisfied with the design of the new windows but asked that the frames be painted black, rather than green as originally proposed."


Presentation Material

As a general rule, the presentation material prepared for the commission is also appropriate for the community board's review. This includes samples of construction materials if it will help the Land Use Committee better envision the proposed work. The committee notes two specific requests. In the case of work visible from a "public thoroughfare," please provide renderings showing the appearance of the work from locations where it can be seen, along with a plan diagram illustrating the sight lines. For all rear yard additions or enlargements, please prepare a plan of the block ("the doughnut") showing the depth of all existing extensions and indicating their height in stories.




If instructed to construct a frame or "mock-up" of an addition or enlargement, please inform the community board district office of the period when the structure will be in place.