Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the elected officers and the chairpersons of the standing committees. The committee provides continuity in the operations of the community board, takes action on items with deadlines prior to the next general meeting, reviews and corrects action and committee reports, and reviews the agenda for the forthcoming regular monthly business meeting.

Except for holidays and other conflicts, the committee usually meets at 6:00 pm on the fourth (not last) Monday of the month. However, any person planning on attending a committee meeting is encouraged to check the date, time and location on the community board's calendar.




Elected Officers
Irene Janner, 1st Vice Chairperson
Lenue Singletary, 2nd Vice Chairperson
Jessica Thurston, Secretary

Committee Chairpersons
Juliet Cullen-Cheung
Betty Feibusch
William Flounoy
Leonard Jordan
Ruth Saunders
Barbara Zahler-Gringer

Committee Vice Chairs
Cheryl Gelbs
Andrew Lastowecky
Tamara McCaw
Denise Peterson
Brandon Smith

Vice Chairs vote on behalf of their respective committees in the absence of the committee chairperson.

Agendas, Minutes and Reports

November 27, 2017 agenda

October 23, 2017 agenda and October 23, 2017 minutes

September 25, 2017 agenda and September 25, 2017 minutes

August 28, 2017 agenda and August 28, 2017 minutes

June 26, 2017 agenda

May 22, 2017 agenda and May 22, 2017 minutes

April 24, 2017 agenda

March 27, 2017 agenda

February 27, 2017 agenda and February 27, 2017minutes

January 23, 2017 agenda and January 23, 2017 minutes