Finance and Personnel

Finance and Personnel

The Finance and Personnel Committee is responsible for preparing the community board's internal budget, presenting it to the community board for approval, and monitoring it during the fiscal year. The committee is also responsible for development and implementation of personnel and salary administration policies. Due to the nature of its responsibilities, the committee meets irregularly but approximately quarterly.


Finance and Personnel

Chairperson: Leonard Jordan, Jr.

Meredith Phillips Almedia, Secretary
Betty Feibusch
Irene Janner
Lenue Singletary
Brandon Smith 

Public Member
Shirley Mc Rae  
Robert Perris

Agendas, Minutes and Reports

November 30, 2017 Agenda

September 9, 2017 Agenda and September 9, 2017 Minutes

May 8, 2017 Minutes

May 4, 2017 Agenda and May 4, 2017 Minutes