Health, Environment and Social Services

Health, Environment and Social Services

The Health, Environment and Social Services Committee is responsible for matters concerning health services including mental health services, sanitation and refuse collection, environmental concerns including sewer maintenance and repair, air pollution, toxic waste, and liquor licensing issues. The committee is also responsible for matters concerning social services, the disabled, the homeless and senior citizens. The committee is responsible for capital and expense budget matters concerning the City's environmental protection, health and social services agencies.

Except for holidays and other conflicts, the committee usually meets at 6:00 pm on the first Wednesday of the month, September-June, in Dining Rooms A&B in The Brooklyn Hospital Center, 121 DeKalb Avenue at St. Felix Street. However, any person planning on attending a committee meeting is encouraged to check the date, time and location on the community board's calendar.


Chairperson: Brandon Smith 
Vice-Chair: Ruth Saunders
Victor Andrews
James Ansorge
John Harrison
Tanja Richardson
Jessica Thurston (Secretary)
Public Members
Barry Newmark
Alejandro Varela


Agendas, Minutes and Reports

December 6, 2017 agenda

November 1, 2017 agenda and November 1, 2017 minutes

October 4, 2017 agenda and October 4, 2017 minutes

September 6, 2017 agenda and September 6, 2017 minutes

June 7, 2017 agenda and June 7, 2017 minutes

May 5, 2017 agenda and May 5, 2017 minutes

April 5, 2017 agenda and April 5, 2017 minutes

March 1, 2017 agenda and March 1, 2017 minutes

February 1, 2017 agenda and February 1, 2017 minutes

January 4, 2017 agenda and January 4, 2017 minutes