Youth, Education and Cultural Affairs

Youth, Education and Cultural Affairs

The Youth, Education and Cultural Affairs Committee is responsible for matters relating to young people and the improvement and expansion of educational and cultural programs.  The committee is also the community board's liaison with relevant institutions within the district, including libraries, and the City agencies associated with youth, education and cultural affairs.

Except for holidays (notably Thanksgiving and Christmas) and other conflicts, the committee meets at 6:00 pm on the fourth Wednesday of the month, September-June, in the First Floor Board Room, St. Francis College, 180 Remsen between Court and Clinton streets. However, any person planning on attending a committee meeting is encouraged to check the date, time and location on the community board's calendar.


Chairperson: Betty Feibusch
Vice Chairperson: Dorothea Thompson-Manning
Nicholas Ferreira
Samantha Johnson
Santia Pellicia
Meredith Phillips Almedia
Eric Spruiell
Sheila Tomlin
Barbara Zahler-Gringer
Public Members
Alec Duffy



Public Members
Alec Duffy

Agendas, Minutes and Reports

November 29, 2017 agenda

October 25, 2017 agenda and October 25, 2017 minutes

September 27, 2017 agenda and September 27, 2017 minutes

June 28, 2017 agenda and June 28, 2017 minutes

May 24, 2017 agenda and May 24, 2017 minutes

April 26, 2017 agenda and April 26, 2017 minutes

March 22, 2017 agenda and March 22, 2017 minutes

February 22, 2017 agenda and February 22, 2017 minutes

January 25, 2017 agenda and January 25, 2017 minutes