Below are notices and information from government agencies, community-based organizations, and other community stakeholders.


Office Space Available at FSNNY

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Wed., Sept. 2 - Operation Safe Child at 83rd Precinct

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Bushwick Youth Town Hall - Thursday June 4, 2020

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Act Now!!! Deadline May 5th - Supplemental Security Income Recipients

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Lost Your Job? Need Health Insurance? Affinity Health Plan is there to help.

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Defend Against Coronavirus

Hand Hygiene
Coronavirus Safety Tips
Steps for Those Who May Need to Get Tested for COVID-19
Pasos a Seguir para Personas que Puedan Necesitar Hacerse una Prueba del Virus COVID-19

Double Parking During Alternate Side Street Cleaning Regulations Is No Longer Allowed

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Lead Hazard and Healthy Homes Program: Need Financial Assistance to Repair Lead Paint Hazards? 

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Beware of Social Security Phone Scams

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Girl Scouts: Learn. Grow. Explore.

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Weekly Orientation on Tuesdays at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

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OSHA Training: Free or Reduced Cost Classes

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National Grid Residential Reduced Rate Application

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Apply Now! Become a Youth Development Specialist at ACS

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SNAP: Are you Eligible? Here's how to apply.

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Wolff-Alport Update

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has added the Wolff-Alport Chemical Company site in the Ridgewood section of Queens, New York to the federal Superfund list of hazardous waste sites. The soil and nearby sewers were contaminated by radioactive material from past industrial activities at the site. Testing indicates that there is no immediate threat to nearby residents, employees or customers of businesses in the affected area along Irving and Cooper Avenues. Since exposure to the radioactive contamination may pose a threat to health in the long-term, in December 2013, the EPA took action to reduce people's potential exposure to the radiation and address the potential health risks from the site.

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Brooklyn Parks Commissioner and Community Board 4

Looking for Parks Stewards

(Volunteers for Bushwick Parks)

These Volunteer Stewards will be part of a brand new community program designed to assist in the maintenance of NYC Parks & Playgrounds. Looming City budget cuts will ultimately affect the manpower responsible for cleaning and maintaining local parks and playgrounds.

We are looking for highly motivated individuals who are both energetic and dedicated to making sure that our district's parks & playgrounds are both clean and safe. The volunteer stewards must have a natural love for our neighborhood parks and more importantly time to devote to this major volunteer endeavor. Our goal under this stewardship program is to get 15 local volunteer stewards per park each week. They will be responsible for sweeping and cleaning of the parks grounds. Bags, gloves and possibly other tools which will assist them will be given by NYC Department of Parks and Recreation.

We are eager to begin this program in the very near future. Therefore; the objective is to have at least fifteen volunteers for each park. We shall establish a meeting date and time with the stewards at each of the aforementioned park locations. During that time team leaders will be established and work teams organized. The meetings will take place at the park that you wish to volunteer in. Thereafter from January through March the NYC-Department of Parks and Recreation will hold various training sessions where Park Stewards from other districts will be invited to share information and experiences.

We believe that the local residents within our district would view this as a wonderful opportunity to give back to their community and lend a helping hand. We are in need of your name, contact information, and the name of the park with which you wish to become a Park Steward. Please contact CB4 at or (718) 628-8400 for more information.

Trees New York Citizen Pruner Care Course

Make an Important Contribution to Your Community: Learn how to Care for and Protect the Trees in Your Neighborhood. Trees shade our streets, provide oxygen, absorb pollution and beautify our environment, but life is hard for a NYC street tree.

Trees New York's Citizen Pruner Care Course Trains New Yorkers in tree care and pruning. The course consists of eight hours of classroom training and four hours of hands-on experience in the field. The comprehensive curriculum covers street tree basics, street tree identification and street tree care. The two-hour long classes meet once a week for four consecutive weeks, and for 4 hours of field training on a Saturday. Classes are held in the spring and fall of each year.

The course fee is $100 and includes a comprehensive manual and other materials. Following the course, participants take a finale exam that certifies them to legally work on trees owned by the City of New York.

For more information, call Trees New York at 212-227-1887 or register for the course online.