Agency Units


Administrative Enforcement Unit (AEU)

The Administrative Enforcement Unit (AEU) enforces compliance with the NYC Construction Codes, the NYC Electrical Code and the NYC Zoning Resolution, through the prosecution and processing of Notices of Violation adjudicated before the NYC OATH Hearings Division.  There are three functional units within AEU:

  • AEU’s Data Entry team is responsible for processing summonses or violations that have been issued by DOB inspectors.  This includes entry into the system and processing the summons/violation to OATH/ECB. 
  • AEU’s Legal Team prosecutes summonses/violations issued by inspectors at OATH/ECB tribunals across the five boroughs.  The team also appeals adverse decisions to the OATH/ECB Appeals Board and responds to appeals from those found in violation. The team also assists the NY City Law Department in answering cases challenging violations in N.Y. State Court Article 78 proceedings.
  • The third functional unit within AEU, Customer Service, is primarily responsible for processing Certificates of Correction where a respondent or other party is attesting to the correction of a violating condition(s). These certificates are processed in-person and by mail. AEU accepts Certifications of Correction for all Notices of Violation/Summonses by walk-in or by mail. No appointment is necessary.

Contact the Administrative Enforcement Unit
280 Broadway, 1st Floor
New York, NY 10007
(212) 393-2405 or

Telephone inquiries are accepted for general information relating to a Certificate of Correction submission or OATH Summons. Hours of Operation: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday (except Holidays). The paper Certificate of Correction affidavit and statement forms (AEU2, AEU3321 and AEU20) can no longer be sent or delivered in-person to the Administrative Enforcement Unit. To submit a Certificate of Correction request, use an eFiling account to log into DOB NOW at and select the BIS Options portal. See the Certificate of Correction Request User Guide.

For Hearing Options information OATH imposed penalties and Stipulation Agreements, contact the OATH Hearings Division at 1-844-OATH-NYC (1-844-628-4692) or visit the OATH website at

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Boiler Unit

The Boiler Division oversees the installation, operational safety and enforcement inspection compliance of boilers in New York City. The Boiler Technical Unit ensures the safe installation and operation of low and high pressure boilers and related equipment by performing inspections and audits. Functions include: perform initial inspections on boilers, burners, and fuel storage installations; respond to A and B complaints; respond to all carbon monoxide incidents; special reports requests; audit inspections; sealed boiler re-inspections; annual inspection report audits; periodic high pressure boiler inspections for city agencies; review of fuel storage plans for self-certified sign-offs; and meet with the public for administrative sign offs.

Contact the Boiler Unit:
Boiler Division Hot Line (for non-technical questions)
(212) 393-2661 or
Hours: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm (Monday - Friday)
Read our FAQs for answers to common questions people have about boilers and violations

Boiler Technical Unit (for First Test Appointment or other technical boiler-related questions or issues) (212) 393-2784 or
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (Monday-Friday)

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Borough Enforcement Unit (BEU)

The Borough Enforcement Unit (BEU) serves as the liaison for enforcement to the Borough offices and special inspection units by developing and managing enforcement actions against individuals, repeat violators, problem buildings, or for specific geographic areas that are in violation of the Building Code and zoning.

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Build It Back (BIB)

The Build it Back (BiB) unit at DOB is compiled of the BiB Plan examination unit and BiB Inspections Unit.  The purpose of the collective BiB program is to expedite the navigation of approval, permitting and construction processes to help return people back into their home post Hurricane Sandy.  The DOB BiB team is committed to this effort by working in conjunction with the Mayor's Office of Housing Recovery.

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Buildings Special Investigations Unit

Working alongside the Department of Investigation, the Buildings Special Investigations Unit investigates allegations of misconduct related to individuals and licensees who conduct business with the Department.  Working to ensure the integrity of all transactions, the unit generates cases from complaints and initiates the appropriate course of action and/or discipline.

Contact the Buildings Special Investigations Unit
83 Maiden Lane, 4th Floor
(212) 825-3330

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Concrete Enforcement Unit

The Concrete Enforcement Unit is a legislated Unit that supports DOB oversight of all concrete testing at construction projects for public and worker safety. The units functions include: site visits and audit of concrete placement activities, inspect and audit Licensed Concrete Laboratories, perform Parallel Concrete Testing of selected construction sites, perform engineering audit of new building and alteration work regarding concrete operations, review concrete safety managers qualifications and operations, response due to emergent conditions (concrete blowouts, form failures), coordination with Departments technical affairs and the Department of Investigation.  CEU performs code data outreach to the design and construction industry. CEU enforces against contractors, concrete labs and professionals, and also assists the BEST Squad and Excavation Unit.

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Construction Enforcement Unit

Unit responds to public complaints and inter-agency referrals regarding illegal construction, structural stability and use of the NYC buildings.  Field personnel inspect the construction of new buildings and major alterations to existing structures for conformity to approved plans, applicable legislation and current safety standards.  We are the enforcement arm of the agency throughout the five boroughs.

Contact the Construction Enforcement Unit in your borough:

Bronx (718) 960-4730
Brooklyn (718) 802-3685/3684
Manhattan (212) 323-8079
Queens (718) 286-8380
Staten Island (718) 420-5418

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Construction Safety Compliance

The Construction Safety Compliance (CSC) Unit performs proactive periodic inspections on all active sites, performing plan examination of site safety plans and full demolition plans, processing site safety-related waiver requests, scaffold safety inspections and interior/full demolition inspections. Complete a CSC Appointment Request Form and submit it to for the following requests:

  • Demolition Sign-off
  • Pre-Demolition Inspection
  • Sidewalk Shed Removal
  • Site Safety Manager/Coordinator Program Removal
  • Suspended Scaffold Pre-Use Inspection

Please read the CSC Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Contact the Construction Safety Compliance Unit
280 Broadway, 3rd Floor
Phone: (212) 393-2404 (press 2)

NOTE: CSC Unit Plan Examination is located at 280 Broadway, 3rd Floor, Window 14. Submissions and plan pick-ups are processed from 9:00am to to 4:00pm.

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Construction Safety Enforcement Unit

The Construction Safety Enforcement (CSE) Unit conducts emergency inspections and responds to construction incidents and accidents as well as responding to construction complaints and inspections for violations or SWOs issued by the CSC Unit. The unit also performs technical reviews/audits of construction documents to verify Code compliance.

To request an appointment to get a SWO or PSWO rescinded, complete a CSE Appointment Request Form and send it to If you have questions about a violation issued by the CSE Unit or the process for rescinding a SWO or PSWO, email

Contact the Construction Safety Enforcement (CSE) Unit
280 Broadway, 4th Floor
Phone: (212) 393-2404 (press 1)

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Cranes & Derricks Unit (C&D)

C&D's mission is to make sure that all crane and hoisting work is performed safely per the manufacturer's recommendations and best industry practice, while maintaining the requirements of the Building Code. All cranes, derricks and hoisting equipment must be prototyped and registered with the C&D Unit except delivery truck mounted cranes that are not involved with constructions and derricks with less than one ton lifting capacity.

Contact the Cranes & Derricks Unit
(212) 393-2411
9:00 am to 3:00 pm (M-F)

To report an incident or accident involving a crane or derrick, call (212) 393-2127
To schedule a crane inspection appointment, a Stop Work Order (SWO), re-inspection or confirmation numbers and notifications, call (212) 393-2662 
To schedule an appointment with a Plan Examiner, call (212) 393-2550

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Customer Service

The Customer Service Unit is comprised of two units, the Customer Service Team and the Call Center. The Customer Service Team ensures Buildings' customers receive an excellent level of customer service during their interaction with all Agency Staff members and oversees the implementation of Executive Orders 115 (Great Service, Great City); 120 (Language Access); and Local 18 of 2010 (Business Owner's Bill of Rights). These roles include performing site visits to all Buildings locations, monitoring the effectiveness of the language access protocol and providing guidance on successful customer service strategy. The Call Center schedules appointments, enters notifications, assists and responds to inquiries about the Department's purpose, programs and processes while serving our customers with courtesy, respect and professionalism.

Contact the Customer Service Unit
(212) 393-2550

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Electrical Enforcement Unit

Electrical Unit enforces the requirements of the NYC Electrical Code and applicable national regulations. Our highly skilled Electrical Inspectors respond to public complaints, industry referrals and special inter-agency inspection requests. They verify licensed and unlicensed electrical installation and / or defective wiring throughout five boroughs.

Contact the Electrical Enforcement Unit
(212) 393-2417

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Elevator Unit

The Elevator Division's mission is to provide the public prompt, accurate and transparent information on all elevator administrative processes and procedures.  Functions include: Elevator Applications and Permits; Data Entry of Inspections & Tests Reports; DOB & PVT Violations and NYCHA Reports; Scheduling & Coordinating Acceptance Tests; Collection of Filing Fees & Civil Penalties; Customer Service; Records Management (Filing & Retrieving); BIS Training for Elevator Administrative Employees; Service Notices; Forums- Elevator Companies & Expeditors

The Elevator Inspection Unit ensures the operational safety, reliable service and lawful use of elevators, escalators, moving walks, personnel hoists, amusement rides and other related vertical transportation devices throughout New York City by performing/witnessing inspections and testing. The compliant development and safety awareness are enhanced through outreach programs. The unit supports development by permitting new technologies under pilot programs.

Contact the Elevator Unit
General inquiries: (212) 393-2144
Application inquiries: (212) 393-2555

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Emergency Response TEAM (ERT)

ERT provides a rapid response in all emergencies requiring Department of Buildings' response to ensure that NYC Building Codes, rules, and regulations are being followed to keep NYC safe and growing. ERT is a 24/7 365 operation with Daytime and Nighttime Inspectors. ERT has 3 OEM Watch Command Reps located at OEM headquarters. The unit is responsible for the city-wide "A" complaint response during normal business hours and city-wide "A" complaint response to complaints during non-business hours, and all Holidays). ERT is the primary source for the incident command for DOB; is requested to perform special enforcement sweeps; and handles all after hour inquires/complaints – this includes special requests for weekend inspections and after-hour variance complaints.

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Emergency Management Unit (COOP)

DOB maintains a presence at the OEM Watch Command sixteen (16) hours a day five (5) days a week. We are working closely with NYC Emergency Management monitoring first responders' requests to investigate construction related incidents and process inter-agency inspection referrals. Our Emergency Management Team ensures agency preparedness for the different types/levels of emergency. We maintain and update DOB Continuity of Operations Plan on quarterly basis. Our team conducts annual damage Assessment Full Scale Exercises working in partnership with City Fire Department (FDNY).

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Environmental Control Board (ECB) Litigation Unit

The ECB Litigation Unit is responsible for representing the Buildings Department in the five ECB borough offices where NOVs issued by the inspector units are adjudicated. The attorneys and representatives request inspectors' presence at the hearing when necessary, and present the department's legal arguments to the Administrative Law Judge. Lay witnesses are also occasionally utilized. The unit is also responsible for appealing adverse decisions to the ECB Appeals Board and responding to appeals from those found "in violation." The unit also assists the NY City Law Department in answering cases challenging violations in N.Y. State Court Article 78 proceedings.

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Excavations Engineering Unit

The Excavation Unit ensures that the design and construction professionals (engineers and architects) are protecting the public and property during design, special inspections, maintain construction supervision, comply with the NYC Building Code and applicable industry standards.  The unit performs engineering (structural) audits/reviews of plans and designs of support of excavation (SOE) systems, such as sheeting, shoring and bracing, underpinning, slope stability analysis, supported and suspended scaffolds, etc.

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External Affairs

The External Affairs Division works to advance the Department's interests and facilitates the resolution of concerns that are brought to the Department's attention. External Affairs, which includes the offices of Intergovernmental Affairs and Community Affairs, acts as a liaison between the Department and City Hall, elected officials, partner agencies, community boards and other civic and industry stakeholders. External Affairs represents the Department at legislative hearings, interagency discussions, community board meetings and other stakeholder events. External Affairs serves as a conduit of information for stakeholders and assists them in navigating Department processes.  External Affairs works to resolve specific building-related concerns shared with the Department.

Contact the External Affairs
(212) 393-2042

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Facades (FISP) & Local Law Unit

The Façade & Local Law Unit coordinates and monitors the enforcement of the Building Code, three (3) laws: LL 16/84 (Fire Safety), LL 26/04 (Fire Safety) and RCNY 103-04 (Façade Law); ensures all buildings in the FISP universe are maintained and that the Fire Safety Code is adhered to by all occupants. Additionally, they conduct Façade and Fire Safety inspections to verify compliance; scan and archive reports filed with the Unit; issue Administrative DOB and ECB Violations; and issue Summonses and Commission's Orders.

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Forensic Engineering Unit

The Forensic Engineering Unit (FEU) provides the highest level of engineering competence. FEU responds in real time to construction related injuries, fatalities, fire damage, egress issues and collapse buildings or buildings in imminent danger of collapse, collapse of cranes or retaining walls or excavations are considered top priority. The Unit services all of DOBs emergency response and special engineering needs as well as efforts with the NYC Law Department, NYC Landmarks, NYCHA, NYC Parks Department, OEM, NYPD, FDNY, FBI, and FD Marshals. In addition FEU frequently support agencies including DOI and the NYC Court on request. The Unit enforces the Building Code, Zoning Resolutions, Multiple Dwelling Law, directives, memorandums and Local Laws.

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General Counsel's Office

The General Counsel's Office is an advisory office on a broad range of matters involving all aspects of the Agency's functions, advising on Construction Code and zoning interpretations, state laws, licensing, contracts, and conflict of interest issues. The Office also defends the Agency's determinations at the Board of Standards and Appeals, prosecutes Unsafe Buildings cases, drafts and/or reviews rules, legislation and policies and procedures, and works closely with the NYC Law Department on litigation and other matters. The office consists of the General Counsel, the Deputy General Counsel and Associate General Counsel who oversee Assistant General Counsels and non-attorney staff. The Office includes the Unsafe Buildings Unit and the FOIL/Subpoena Unit.  

Contact the General Counsel's Office
(212) 393-2085

FOIL (212) 393-2096
UB Fee Collections (212) 393-2067
UB Hotline (212) 393-2131

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Licensing & Exams Unit

The Licensing and Exams Unit administers all stages of construction trade licensing, including license issuance, renewal, insurance updates and license exams. The unit processes over 25 different types of licenses and registrations to ensure compliance with the New York City Administrative Code and various Rules of the City of New York. Most applicants are investigated prior to license issuance or license renewal.

Contact the Licensing & Exams Unit
(212) 393-2259

General Contractors (646) 500-6248
Non-General Contractors (646) 500-6247 / 6249

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Limited Alteration Applications (LAA)

The Limited Alteration Application Unit reviews DOB NOW applications for plumbing work, fire suppression piping replacement and repairs, and oil burner installations that do not include construction work. Generally, with the exception of some minor new installations, LAA work is restricted to repair and/or replacement of existing equipment and does not require a Professional Engineer (P.E.) or a Registered Architect (R.A.).

Contact Information for Limited Alteration Applications
(212) 393-2406

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Loft Board

The Loft Law established a comprehensive framework for the conversion of Interim Multiple Dwellings (IMD) buildings to safe residences and compels landlords to bring these spaces up to the minimum standards of the New York City building code for residential occupancy, i.e., to "legalize" the buildings.  The New York City Loft Board is charged with the responsibility to oversee the legalization process of IMD buildings.

Contact the Loft Board
Tel  (212) 393-2616
Fax (646) 500-6169

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Office of the Buildings Marshal

The office investigates allegations of unlicensed trade activity, including plumbing, electrical, and all other trades, as well as develops cases for both civil and criminal prosecution of bad actors. Investigators develop and analyze intelligence leads while identifying problematic external entities including fraud, nonresponsive property owners, developers and contractors. OBM coordinates departmental enforcement efforts against chronic offenders, serves as the Department's liaison to law enforcement, regulatory and health/safety agencies in the coordination of enforcement sweeps. The Unit also conducts covert inspections of illegal conversions and conducts audits of Agency approved training providers.

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Office of Internal Affairs and Discipline (IAD)

The Office of Internal Affairs & Discipline (IAD) identifies, investigates, and disciplines employees who engage in misconduct related to their official duties. Complaints may be filed anonymously. IAD handles non-criminal allegations of employee misconduct; conducts background investigations on newly-hired and prospective Department employees; provides mandatory integrity training to new employees; and conducts routine quality assurance checks of Inspectors in the field. In addition, IAD works closely with the Department of Investigation to help maintain the integrity of the Department.

Contact the Office of Internal Affairs & Discipline
(212) 393-2900
8:00 am to 5:00 pm (M-F)

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Emergency Management Unit (COOP)

DOB maintains a presence at the OEM Watch Command sixteen (16) hours a day five (5) days a week. We are working closely with NYC Emergency Management monitoring first responders' requests to investigate construction related incidents and process inter-agency inspection referrals. Our Emergency Management Team ensures agency preparedness for the different types/levels of emergency. We maintain and update DOB Continuity of Operations Plan on quarterly basis. Our team conducts annual damage Assessment Full Scale Exercises working in partnership with City Fire Department (FDNY).

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Office of Risk Management

The Office of Risk Management identifies areas of risk, both internal and external, for the Department of Buildings and develops strategies to mitigate those risks by assessing the day to day risk in the Agency's business and any non-compliance with existing mandates; analyzing historical data and other materials to identify risk factors.  The Unit identifies trends and areas of concern with respect to integrity and compliance at DOB, implements best practices for addressing integrity matters at DOB, and proactively identifies and corrects weaknesses in policy, training, monitoring, auditing or other areas.

Contact the Office of Risk Management

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Office of Technical Certification & Research

The Office of Technical Certification and Research (OTCR) oversees technical certifications of approved agencies and entities performing inspections, tests, material approvals and evaluates new technology that enhances safety, sustainability and efficiency.

Contact the Office of Technical Certification & Research
(212) 393-2626

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Padlock Enforcement Unit

The Padlock Enforcement Unit enforces section 28-212.1 of the Construction Code, originally enacted as Local Laws 6-1993 and 33/2007, and works to remove illegal commercial and manufacturing uses in residence and low-scale commercial districts that are contrary to the Zoning Resolution and any applicable Certificate of Occupancy.

Contact the Padlock Enforcement Unit
(212) 393-2622

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Plumbing Enforcement Unit

Plumbing Unit performs inspections of new and/or altered plumbing, gas, and fire suppression system(s). Our inspectors address public complaints; inter-agency, utility and industry enforcement referrals pertaining to illegal work and system maintenance. We perform field spot-checks and office audits of professionally certified Plumbing and Fire Suppression Work Types.

Contact the Plumbing Enforcement Unit
(212) 393-2557

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Quality of Life Unit

QOL unit conducts field inspections in response to illegal conversion complaints. We inspect the premises for potentially hazardous condition and issue vacates order for non-compliance. If there is No Access and Access Warrant is obtained, NYPD is contacted to assist inspector in the execution of the warrant.

Contact the Quality of Life Unit
(718) 286-3445

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Retaining Wall Unit (RWU)

The Retaining Wall Unit (RWU) coordinates and monitors the enforcement of NYC Administrative Code §28-305.4 for structural retaining walls over 10' high on the public way. The Unit assembles/develops the RWU database, review engineering reports from the owner regarding the retaining wall on a five-year cycle, inspects retaining walls to confirm engineering report, review assessment programs developed by the owner's engineer, and manage and organize the yearly Retaining Wall No Penalty Program. Additionally, RWU assists the NYC Parks Department with their retaining wall portfolio and the Unit performs industry outreach.

Contact the Retaining Wall Unit

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Sign Enforcement Unit

The Sign Enforcement Unit, enforces Chapter 5 of the Building Code, originally enacted as Local Laws 14-2001 and 31-2005, by regulating existing outdoor advertising signage and reducing the proliferation of illegal signage throughout New York City. The Sign Enforcement Unit does not issue permits or provide information as to the allowable placement of advertising signage.  Information as to the size of signs and where signs can be erected may be obtained from the Department of City Planning Help Desk at (212) 720-3291.  Permit information is available from the D.O.B. Borough office in the borough where the sign is intended to be located.

Contact the Sign Enforcement Unit
(212) 393-2622

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Special Enforcement Team (SET)

The Special Enforcement Team audits selected applications and special inspection/progress inspection/TR1 reports to insure compliance with the Building Code, the Zoning Resolution, the Rules of the City of New York and Department procedures. Additionally, following audits, SET commences and prosecutes enforcement actions against non-compliant architects and engineers.

Contact the Special Enforcement Unit
(212) 393-2299

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Special Enforcement Program (SEP) - Professional Certification Audits and Inspections Unit

The SEP Unit performs audit of Professionally Certified D14 (not reviewed by Borough) and Plan Examined D14 (limited plan examination) job filings which are selected from jobs with first permit issued 60 days prior to selection.  The mission of the SEP unit is to ascertain compliance of jobs filed (permitted), with the NYC Zoning Resolution, NYC Building Code, NYS Multiple Dwelling Law, 2012 NYCECC and other applicable codes, Laws as well as compliance with the Handicap Accessibility requirements. Selected jobs for audit are inspected first to verify that the jobs are done or being constructed in accordance with approved and permitted drawings. In addition, the unit checks the abuses of applicants in the use of the Professional Certification option of job filing and inspects illegal conditions such as work done without any application and those that are not indicated in the permitted drawings.

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Special Operations

Special Operations (SP-OPS) protects the public and property as well as safeguarding quality of life by performing proactive safety inspections and enforcing the NYC Building Code and the Zoning Resolution. SP-OPS also perform special situation inspections at the request of senior management. Special Operations is a high volume inspection and violation issuing unit, which conducts mostly mandated inspections: annual public school inspections; hazardous re-inspections (class 1 violations); parking garage inspections; padlock/signs; Unsafe Building Surveys; Certificate of Correction Audits; joint Inspections with the New York City Fire Department; and Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK).

Contact the Special Operations Unit
(212) 393-2412

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Sustainability Enforcement

The Sustainability Enforcement Unit is responsible for implementing the Local Laws that began under the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan and were first introduced in 2009. These laws are: Energy Audits & Retro-commissioning (LL87/09), Lighting Upgrades & Sub-metering (LL88/09, modified by LL132/16 and LL134/16), Energy and Water Use Benchmarking (LL84/09, modified by LL133/16 and LL33/18), and the Energy Code (LL85/09). The mission of the unit is to ensure enforcement of these local laws to meet the goal established by the One City Built to Last plan of reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 80% by 2050, as compared to a baseline established in 2005.

Contact the Sustainability Enforcement Unit
(212) 393-2475 (benchmarking) (energy audits and retro-commissioning) (energy code inspections)

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Structurally Compromised Buildings Unit

The Structurally Compromised Buildings (SCB) coordinates and monitors the enforcement of NYC Administrative Code §28-216.12 and NYC Rule §102-03. The unit assembles/develops the SCB database, review annual engineering reports from the owner regarding the SCB, inspect SCB to confirm engineering report and perform industry outreach.

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Triage Command 

Executive Inspections Staff handles a variety of special enforcement requests. We coordinate high level inspections, safety sweeps and investigations working closely with FDNY, NYPD, HPD, DOI, Mayor's Office, DOB Senior & Executive Staff, and other governmental agencies. Our Triage Command manages the referral process by screening and assigning every request to an appropriate enforcement unit. 

Contact the Triage Command
(212) 393-2347

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