Commissioner's Message

New York City is the world's leading destination for opportunity. Like many other transplants, I have seen the City change dramatically during my time here. Unlike many other New Yorkers, I understand first-hand the complexities of regulating construction and ensuring public safety from my time at the Department of Buildings.

In my various roles at the Department, I've been struck by the dedication of the staff to protect our City while simultaneously supporting its development. Our team juggles the responsibilities of being staunch enforcers of the New York City Construction Codes and advocates for growth.

Mayor de Blasio has pushed for an equitable and efficient Department of Buildings. Through an unprecedented infusion of resources, the Department has been afforded a singular opportunity to transform. These efforts are in lockstep with the Mayor's goals to develop affordable housing; support small businesses; improve building efficiency; and build a sustainable, resilient, thriving, and equitable City.

Development is crucial to our great City. Your hard work keeps our City vibrant, and together, our work will have a lasting positive impact on New York.


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