Thomas J. Fariello, R.A.
Acting Commissioner
Acting Commissioner Fariello's Bio

Alexandra Fisher, Esq.
Deputy Commissioner of Legal & Regulatory Affairs
Deputy Commissioner Fisher's Bio

Timothy E. Hogan
Deputy Commissioner of Enforcement
Deputy Commissioner Hogan's Bio

Archana Jayaram
Deputy Commissioner of Strategic Planning & Policy
Deputy Commissioner Jayaram's Bio

Sharon Neill
Deputy Commissioner of  Finance & Administration
Deputy Commissioner Neill's Bio

Constadino Sirakis, P.E.
Deputy Commissioner of Development & Technical Affairs
Deputy Commissioner Sirakis’s Bio

Mona Sehgal, Esq.
General Counsel

Joe Soldevere
Assistant Commissioner of Communications

Patrick Wehle
Assistant Commissioner of External Affairs

Borough Management Team

Bronx Borough Office
Werner R. deFoe, R.A., Borough Commissioner
Raymond Plumey, R.A., Deputy Borough Commissioner

Brooklyn Borough Office
Ira Gluckman, R.A., Borough Commissioner
Reda Shehata, R.A., Deputy Borough Commissioner
Kazimir Vilenchik, P.E., Deputy Borough Commissioner

Manhattan Borough Office
Martin Rebholz, R.A., Borough Commissioner
Rodney Gittens, R.A., MBA, Deputy Borough Commissioner
John Raine, R.A., Deputy Borough Commissioner

Queens Borough Office
Derek Lee, R.A., Borough Commissioner
Chao-Hsiang Ho, R.A., Deputy Borough Commissioner

Staten Island Borough Office
Ira Gluckman, R.A., Borough Commissioner
Frank Marchiano, Deputy Borough Commissioner

Hub Services
Scott Pavan, R.A., Borough Commissioner (Development Hub)
Elizabeth Skowronek, R.A., Borough Commissioner (HUB Full-Service & Self-Service)

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