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New Data-Rich Map Provides Insights into Recent DOB Activity

New York, NY – Today, the New York City Department of Buildings published a new, interactive map that provides greater insight into how the Department interacts with the nearly 1.1 million buildings and 45,000 active construction sites it regulates. The map provides a 12-month snapshot of building permits, complaints, inspections, violations, and accident reports for every property in the city.

This map is the latest in a series of interactive dashboards, reports, and data tools released by the Department to give the public access to information about the city’s built environment.

Click here to see our new DOB Building Profiles Map


"Every day our inspectors, plan examiners, and front line administrative staff deal directly with the public on a range of complex buildings-related issues. This real-time map illustrates the Department’s relationship with the buildings we regulate and the impact the agency has on our city’s built environment – and the lives of everyday New Yorkers," said Acting Buildings Commissioner Thomas Fariello, R.A. "One of our missions at DOB is to put the power of data into the hands of the public by creating simple, easy-to-use tools that provide New Yorkers with information about what is happening in their building, their neighborhood, and their city."

The map shows the location of each of the 128,056 buildings in New York City that have had interactions with the Department in the past 12 months, with information on construction permits issued, complaints generated, inspections conducted, violations issued, and construction-related accidents to which DOB responded. This data is aggregated by building over a rolling 12-month period, providing real-time insight into recent trends in construction and building code enforcement.
Using this interactive 12-month map, you can find the location of:

  • 55,473 properties where DOB issued construction permits;
  • 3,254 construction sites that have been issued a DOB stop-work order;
  • 12,766 buildings where DOB conducted inspections of reported illegal conversions;
  • 703 reported construction accidents; and
  • 679 buildings where DOB received complaints of construction-related tenant harassment.


Every building on the map has a link to extensive information about each of these interactions on DOB’s searchable online database. The Buildings Profile map will be updated weekly, providing up-to-date information to the public. This information gives the user a bird’s-eye view to better understand recent movement in the construction industry and DOB compliance activities throughout the five boroughs.

The DOB Buildings Profile tool builds off the successes of our real-time map series, which show active major construction projects citywide, and the locations of the more-than 8,000 permitted sidewalk sheds around the five boroughs. The Department has been hard at work creating more data-driven tools that provide the public with up-to-date information that is easily accessible, including our recently released 2018 NYC Construction Dashboard. To find out more about how the Department is leveraging data for the benefit of the people of New York City, please visit the Data & Reporting page on our website.


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