For Immediate Release: June 22, 2018
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NEW YORK – Today the New York City Department of Buildings released a new analytics report which tracks construction application filings in real time using DOB’s new online portal for permitting, DOB NOW: Build. DOB NOW: Build is one part of the Department’s online self-service toolDOB NOW, which was officially launched in the summer of 2016, and is a major component of DOB’s ongoing efforts to modernize the agency.

Click here to see the new data-driven report.

This continually updated analytics report is the latest offering from DOB’s Data Analytics Unit. With an eye towards greater transparency, it capitalizes on the agency’s significant trove of data to help the public better understand the built environment around them, with a tool that tracks what’s going on in our ever-changing city. Check out other recently released analytics reports by visiting the Data & Reporting page of our website.

The DOB NOW: Build portal currently allows the public to submit filings for 11 different work types online – including plumbing, electrical, and elevator jobs – with more work-types being made available as the roll out continues. When fully implemented, the goal is to have one hundred percent of all public interactions with the Department to be available completely online through DOB NOW.

Key takeaways from the report:

  • This report highlights the Department’s commitment to transparency. This is public data, and DOB is ensuring that it is both readily available and easily accessible to the public.

  • The launch of the DOB NOW system has enhanced the Department’s ability to collect data on applications, making it possible to present this real time application report.

  • The data shows a steady increase in the number of applications filed in the DOB NOW: Build system since the respective launch dates of each work type, as the industry acclimates to the new system.

  • The number of applications filed for antennas, sidewalk sheds, scaffold, signs, and electrical work has met levels seen prior to the mandated switch to DOB NOW: Build for these work types.

  • Filing applications in DOB NOW: Build for plumbing, sprinkler, and standpipe work remains optional. Change is hard, and the applications for these work types are particularly complicated, which is why we has allowed additional time before filing these work types in DOB NOW: Build becomes mandatory as well.

DOB NOW: Build is just one of four components of DOB NOW:

  • DOB NOW: Build - construction filings, permits, post approval amendments, corrections, after hour variances, and letters of completion;

  • DOB NOW: Safety - safety compliance filings;

  • DOB NOW: Inspections - online inspection scheduling, tracking, and notifications, results of enforcement and development inspections;

  • DOB NOW: Licensing (Coming Soon) - online exam filing, license issuance and renewals for professional licensees and registrants.

See our website for more information on how using DOB NOW can save you both time and money, to register for an e-filing account, information about the rollout, and view resources including video tutorials on how to use the different modules of the system.


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