For Immediate Release
April 14, 2015

As part of Small Business First, Experts from NYC Department of Buildings in association with NYC Small Business Services Provide One-on-One Guidance to Small Business Owners

Building on the success of the agency's Homeowners and Residents night, and honoring our commitment to providing superior service, the Department of Buildings' borough offices will offer weekly after hour services to small business owners.

Small Business Owners Night is a product of Small Business First, a comprehensive plan to streamline the City's requirements for small business owners, and make resources and materials more accessible in order to reduce the regulatory burden and increase compliance in all five boroughs. This interagency initiative is designed to make information more accessible to small business owners so they can save time, money, and frustration when dealing with government. For more information on Small Business First, visit

Beginning April 14, 2015, from 4:00pm to 7:00pm small business owners can visit their local borough office to get one-on-one advice from Department experts on issues related to their new or existing building applications.

During the weekly Small Business Owners' Night, services include:

  • Recommendations on steps to take when planning to create new space or renovate existing space;
  • Advice on business construction plans, including the permitting process;
  • Direction on how to secure or amend a property's Certificate of Occupancy;
  • Information about the status of their existing Buildings' application;
  • Instructions on how to resolve Department-issued violations;
  • Guidelines on what to expect during an inspection;
  • Guidance on using the Buildings Information System (BIS) to search property history and permit information.

No advance appointment is required to receive this support. Small business owners are invited to simply visit their local Department of Buildings' borough office and meet with a plan examiner or other Department professional to answer questions. Representatives from Small Business Services will also be available for assistance.

Small Business Owners are encouraged to take advantage of these cost-free opportunities to consult with Department professionals. The Department of Buildings understands the challenges local businesses face and these sessions intend to support the small business community through education. For licensing requirements, inspection protocol, or review processes associated with other agencies, business owners must contact each agency directly.

Small Business Owners Nights will be scheduled from 4:00pm to 7:00pm every Tuesday at the Department of Buildings' Borough Office in all five boroughs:

Manhattan Borough Office
280 Broadway, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10007

Bronx Borough Office
1932 Arthur Ave., 5th Floor
Bronx, NY 10457

Queens Borough Office
120-55 Queens Blvd.
Kew Gardens, NY 11424

Brooklyn Borough Office
210 Joralemon St., 8th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Staten Island Borough Office
10 Richmond Terrace, Borough Hall, 2nd Floor
Staten Island, NY 10301

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