After Hours Variances (AHV)

An After Hours Variance is required if you are seeking to perform construction activity before 7:00 a.m., after 6:00 p.m., or on a Saturday or Sunday. AHV applications for BIS jobs are submitted online through the Department’s eFiling system. AHV applications for DOB NOW jobs are submitted directly in DOB NOW: Build. The real-time, interactive After Hours Variance Map shows the location of construction projects where DOB has issued permits allowing construction work to proceed outside of normal business hours.

  • AHV applications must be filed at least two (2) business days before the first intended work day.

First Intended AHV Work Day

AHV Application Submission Deadline















  • For initial AHV work permits, two separate payments are required:

    • The first payment is the initial filing fee for the Department to review the application.
    • The second payment is for the AHV Work Permit daily fee.
  • Applicants may request an AHV permit for any number of days within a window of 14 consecutive days. To request days beyond this window a separate AHV application must be submitted.

  • To request AHV permits for fee exempt BIS jobs and DOB NOW electrical and elevator permits, use a paper PW5 form and submit it to the appropriate Borough Office.

AHV Renewal Guidelines

AHV renewals are not available for projects where the scope of work has changed, the licensee or contractor is no longer in good standing with the Department, or the job application has an issue or concern that requires correction.

AHV renewal applications are based off an approved initial AHV work permit application. AHV renewals are accepted for the same day(s) that was approved as part of the initial request, or a subset of those days. For example, if the initial application was approved for Monday – Thursday, a renewal can be submitted for Monday through Thursday or just Tuesday, but could not be submitted for Friday.

The Department has the discretion to limit renewal days at any time. Applicants can view which days are eligible by looking at their initial application in BIS or DOB NOW.

AHV Fees

  • Applicants pay an initial filing fee (see below) as well as a fee of $80 per day for each day of after-hours work.

    Initial Filing Fees

    Days of Work


    1 – 3


    4 – 6


    7 – 9


    10 – 12


    13 – 14


Requesting an After Hours Variance for BIS Applications

To request an initial AHV work permit online for applications filed in BIS, the filer must be a registered eFiling user. To enroll, visit the eFiling page on the Department’s website.

To request an After Hours Variance, log into eFiling and select Major or Minor Construction and then select After Hours Variance Permit.

  • Fill out the initial AHV work permit application information.

    • AHV Job Number is a Problem Job. Cannot Process AHV. This error message will appear if the BIN has civil penalties due, a Class 1 Violation or a failure to submit a Certificate of Correction.

  • Review your application information in the preview page.

    • To revise the date(s) and time(s), click on Edit.
      Note: The AHV Reference Number will be displayed at the top of the preview page.

  • Pay the initial AHV filing fee (by credit card or eCheck).

  • Check the AHV status by searching for the job number in BIS and selecting After Hours Variance Permits from the Application Details page.

If the AHV application status is Approved-Final Fee Due:

  • Log into eFiling

  • Enter the Job Number or AHV Reference Number and select Obtain Initial AHV Permit.

  • Submit payment for the AHV daily fee (second fee) and print the AHV permit.

If the AHV application status is Pending DOB Review:

  • Your application is being reviewed by the Borough Office and a determination to issue the AHV work permit will be made within two business days.

If AHV application status is Denied:

  • The reason for denial will be indicated in BIS under Variance Information.

  • For more information about a denial reason, contact the appropriate Borough Office.

For applications with any other status, contact the appropriate Borough Office.

After Hours Variance Renewals for BIS Applications

To renew an AHV permit for a BIS application, log into eFiling, enter the Job Number or AHV Reference Number and fill out the form. Submit payment by credit card or eCheck and then print the new AHV permit from BIS.

Requesting an After Hours Variance for DOB NOW Applications

Contractors can use one of the below methods to create a new AHV permit in DOB NOW: Build:

  • On the DOB NOW dashboard, select the +New AHV Permit button to open the After Hours Variance window and enter the permit number to initiate an AHV application request.

  • On the DOB NOW dashboard, select the My Work Permits tab and locate the applicable permit number. From the Filing Action column, select Create AHV.

Once the application is paid for and submitted, the application will be reviewed and the contractor will receive an email notification with the outcome of the review.

If the AHV application is approved, the contractor can then log into DOB NOW: Build, pay the daily fee and print the permit from the Filing Action column on the dashboard. The AHV permit can also be printed from the DOB NOW public portal (without logging in) by searching by address and selecting the job number. If the AHV application is denied, select Trace History on the DOB NOW AHV application page for the denial reason. For additional assistance, submit an inquiry at

After Hours Variance Renewals for DOB NOW Applications

Contractors can renew AHV work permits by logging into DOB NOW: Build and from the dashboard, select the My AHV Work Permits tab. From the Filing Action column, the option to select Renew AHV Permit will be available if the permit can be renewed. If this option is not available, open the initial AHV permit application and select Trace History for more information or see above for AHV renewal guidelines.

Requesting an After Hours Variance for DOB NOW and BIS Applications

A combined AHV permit can be requested if all permits (PW2) have the same applicant and are on the same BIN. At least one permit must have been issued in DOB NOW and Alt3 BIS filings cannot be included.

To apply for a combined AHV Permit:

  • From the dashboard, select +New AHV Permit. A combined AHV Permit cannot be created from the individual filing under the Filing Action column.

  • Enter the associated job numbers that must include at least one DOB NOW job number and a maximum of 5 BIS/DOB NOW job numbers. Select Check Permits.

  • The system will validate the status and allow you to select the permits for which an AHV is being requested. Then select Submit.

See the June 2020 Service Notice for more information.