Boiler First Test Inspections

New boiler installations and boilers that have undergone replacement of more than half their principal components or sections as defined by the Building Code, or whose fuel burners have been replaced, must be inspected by the Department before use. This Department inspection is known as the First Test Inspection.

Request a First Test Appointment

Passed Inspections

Upon passing a First Test Inspection, a boiler / fuel burner job approval and signoff are given by the Department. You do not need to file a an annual boiler inspection report during that inspection year. However, you may do so at your own discretion to ensure compliance for that inspection year

Failed Inspections

If defects are found, the boiler will fail the First Test Inspection. Defects must be corrected and the boiler re-inspected before the Department can approve and signoff the job. Boilers put into use that have not passed the First Test Inspection are considered unregistered and may be issued an ECB violation. An annual boiler inspection is also required to avoid receiving a DOB Boiler Violation.

Annual Inspection Report

If you received a DOB Boiler Violation for not filing an annual boiler inspection report during the year you replaced the boiler, but you passed your First Test Inspection during the following calendar year, you may be eligible to have the violation waived for work in progress. To apply, submit a waiver request in DOB NOW: Safety.