An electrical permit is required for most electrical work, including handling of electrical wires that is performed in a residential home or business. The Buildings’ Electrical Unit issues electrical permits. Electrical installations must be performed by electrical contractors who are licensed by the Department of Buildings. As of December 4, 2017, it is mandatory to submit all ED16A Electrical filings in DOB NOW: Build.

Electrical Filings (1 RCNY §34-05 filings) that need to go in front of the Advisory Board are not included in this release. They will continue to be filed through Electrical Advisory Board at 280 Broadway.

Electrical filing in conjunction with new building, renovation or other work should be filed through eFiling or through the Electrical Unit at 1 Centre Street, Manhattan.

All job filings that currently have a BIS job number will continue to be processed in eFiling or through the Electrical Unit.

Consequences of Working Without a Permit

If electrical work is performed without a permit, the owner of the building, as well as the individual who performed the illegal work, may be subject to violations, summonses, court appearances and fines. Furthermore, an unlicensed electrical contractor who performed the work may be fined for working without a license.