Renovations: Antennas

The following is a list of useful terms to use when researching additional Antenna information on each of the topics discussed:


A device, usually placed at the highest possible height, that transfers electrical signals across air or wires and can receive, transmit, or broadcast signals to singular or multiple locations.

Building Parapet

A vertical extension of the exterior wall at the edge of a roof, terrace, balcony, walkway or other structure, which acts as a safety barrier


Equipment installed to house the distribution or electrical controls located either on the roof or inside of the building

Cell Towers

A cell tower is a unit functioning as a transmitter and receiver of broadcasting or other signals such as for radio or mobile phone.

Cellular Network

A cellular network is a communication network distributed over land through cells, where each cell includes a fixed location. These cells together provide network coverage over large geographical areas. These sites are operated by telecommunication providers and a geographical area may have multiple providers.


Refers to a series of horizontal structural members used for distributing a load, commonly built of steel, channels, and/or I beams.


The exterior wall of the building, often used to install antennas


A monopole is a single pole structure that supports an antenna or sign.  A monopole may typically be 50 feet to 120 feet in height, but can vary.  As required by Code, a monopole is bolted to or embedded in a concrete foundation and sufficiently sized to resist the imposed loads of the structure.


An elevated floor, usually made of steel dunnage, installed to support heavy equipment and materials, which may also have walkways required for maintenance. The type, layout and size of a platform vary depending on the equipment. Often a platform may also be integrated with other substructures to protect the equipment with a shed or canopy.

Power Generators

A machine that converts one form of energy into another, especially mechanical energy into electrical energy; a cell tower site and its equipment often require a dedicated back-up generator.

Property Line

The legal boundary of a parcel of land

Rooftop Access

A required clearance of six feet in width, either around the perimeter of the roof or through a designated rooftop pathway, that provides access for fire department personnel and equipment, as required by Fire Code.

Sector Antenna

Multiple antennas that are installed on a frame, that are combined to get better overall coverage.

Street Line

A property line dividing a property lot from a street; the property boundary line at the street.

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