Renovations: Curb Cut

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Curb Cut

An angled drop cut to the curb in the roadway, street, public right of way, or similar, which provides access to the zoning or tax lot


A private pathway for vehicles from a street to a parking area

Driveway Apron

A sloped portion of the driveway in the public right of way starting at the curb, extending along the sidewalk and leading to the parking area

Off-Street Parking Space

Open or enclosed parking spaces, often required for a zoning lot based on the Zoning Resolution (ZR) requirements and often accessed by a driveway


A portion of the street or public right of way which provides pedestrians a pathway to walk

Storm Water Drainage

Water falling or coming to rest on impervious surfaces within a property must be discharged to either a public storm sewer system or an on-site disposal system. Proposed increases in combined impervious surfaces, if more than or equal to 200 square feet, require a description of the method for storm water discharge, per PC 106.6.2

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