Renovations: Sidewalk Cafés

The following is a list of useful terms to use when researching additional Sidewalk Café information on each of the topics discussed:

Building Systems Repairs

The repair, modification, installation or upgrade of existing building systems; such systems include plumbing, boiler, sprinkler, standpipe, fire alarm, HVAC, and fire suppression systems. If such repairs are part of the work scope, the renovation must include these repairs in the project’s scope of work.

Enclosed Sidewalk Café

An enclosed area on the public sidewalk in front of a restaurant that is constructed predominantly of light materials such as glass, plastic, or lightweight metal

Enclosed Space

Enclosed spaces within partitions, walls, floors, fence enclosures and other similar spaces

Partial Demolition

The dismantling, razing, or removal of structural members, floors, interior bearing walls, and/or exterior walls or portions thereof, including all operations incidental thereto, leaving a portion of the building structure intact

Public Space

An open space outside of a building, which is dedicated or devoted to public use by lawful mapping or by any other lawful procedure

Removable Fence

A temporary fence or barrier where the site is enclosed with a fence. Depending on the style and decor of a sidewalk café, typically there may be parasols or a low fence around the permitted space for protection against wind and/or for the purpose of space separation and decoration. Fences may encroach onto the sidewalk in accordance with Department of Transportation requirements

Removable Furniture

A sidewalk café may typically have tables and chairs and/or benches for dining and relaxing. Sometimes these are permanently installed outside, but often these are removable to allow for cleaning when not in use, or taken inside on closing time

Revocable Consent

Issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs for all sidewalk cafés


The term sidewalk refers to the space used as the pedestrian path beside a road and provides a safe path for people to walk along that is separated from the motorized traffic. A sidewalk may accommodate moderate changes in grade and normally separates a property or building from the vehicular section of the road by a curb

Sidewalk Café

A portion of a restaurant, operated under permit from the department of health and mental hygiene, located on a public sidewalk that is either an enclosed or unenclosed

Vault (Sidewalk)

Any space below the surface of the sidewalk portion of a street, that is covered over, except those openings that are used exclusively as
places for descending, by means of steps, to the cellar or basement of any building

Unenclosed Sidewalk Café

An outdoor area on a public sidewalk in front of the restaurant that contains removable tables and chairs

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