LAA Filing Guide

NOTE: Effective October 15, 2018 all new LAA and EWN filings must be submitted in DOB NOW: Build. The last day to submit a new paper LAA1 form either in-person at 280 Broadway or by mail is October 1 and the last day to submit LAA1 filings in eFiling is October 14. The last day to email or fax an EWN is October 14. For more details, see the Service Notice.

The NYC Department of Buildings LAA Filing Guide has been developed to encourage Code-compliant filings of the LAA1 form, both electronically and manually. The LAA Filing Guide was created as a reference tool to assist the Licensee in acquiring a LAA Work Permit with the goal of stimulating development, reinforcing public safety, and ultimately lead to a quicker approval process.

Licensed Master Plumbers can use the LAA1 Form to install minor plumbing work for repairs and replacement appliances.

New Installation Guidelines

Replacement Installation Guidelines

Filing the LAA

The LAA must be signed and sealed by the Licensed Contractor, and include all applicable filing fees, at the time the application is submitted.

LAA1: can be filed in-person or by mail to:

New York City Department of Buildings
Limited Alteration Application/Permit Renewal Unit
280 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10007
9:00 am to 4:00 pm (M - F)


Through the NYC Development Hub & Electronic Filing System.

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