Plan Review


The Department only accepts complete drawings with each application. This process has led to faster approvals and a reduction in the number of repeat appointments, allowing Department Plan Examiners to better serve applicants with reviewable plans.

To assist Design Professionals in preparing complete drawings, the Department has partnered with engineering and architectural professional organizations to create new Plan Examination Guidelines. By receiving complete drawings, Department Plan Examiners will be able to provide more specific and accurate objections – reducing the number of appointments needed for project approval.


Complete Applications

Plan examiners will begin the review process only when drawings are complete. Each project is unique, and the amount of required information and details vary. Please refer to the Plan Examination Guidelines for more information.


Incomplete Applications

When an incomplete drawing is received, the borough office’s chief plan examiner (or designee) will validate the checklist and send a notice of rejection to the applicant. The applicant must retrieve the rejected application from the Borough Office’s Record Room.



Once incomplete applications are rejected, applicants must resubmit their application packages to the borough office’s Plan Examination counter. The Chief Plan Examiner (or designee) will review the revised drawing the day it is received. If complete, it will be forwarded to a plan examiner for review. If incomplete, it will be rejected.

Applicants may contest a determination by submitting a PER-11 Form (Manual Appointment and Drop Off Request Form) to request an appointment with the Chief Plan Examiner to review the decision.


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