Resolving Violations: DOB


Property owners must correct the issues listed in the DOB violation. Once completed, provide supporting documentation that shows the work has been performed to the Unit that issued the violation. The team will then dismiss the violation. These Units typically operate in the borough office where the property is located, though some Units – such as Boilers and Elevators – may operate at the Department’s headquarters in Manhattan.

To remove the violation from the property's record, the condition must be corrected and proof of that correction must be provided to the issuing Unit before the violation is removed from the property's record. Where the DOB violation pertains to a DOB civil penalty, payment must be made to the cashier.

To view violations on your property, access the Buildings Information System (BIS). Refer to the BIS Property Profile Overview for the number of open DOB violations. DOB violations are shown without an asterisk next to the violation number; dismissed DOB violations are shown with an asterisk, e.g., V*7052-18P.

Detailed information on certain DOB violations is available in BIS. If detailed information is not available, you may request copies of DOB violations as follows:

  • For the specific DOB violation types listed in the table below, request a copy of the violation from the issuing Unit named in the right column. Be prepared to provide the violation number indicated in BIS.
  • For all other DOB violation types, request a copy of the violation from your borough’s Construction customer service counter. Be prepared to provide the violation number indicated in BIS. The processing fee is $8.00 per copy for each violation; each additional duplicate copy of a violation is $5.00. Alternatively, you may submit a written request to your borough’s Records Control Officer, citing the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL); the processing fee for FOIL requests is $0.25 per page. It may take up to five business days for the Department to acknowledge receipt of your FOIL request, and if approved, may take additional time to fulfill the request.


DOB Fire Safety Violation

LL 16/84 - Report of Compliance with Local Law 16/84
Local Law 16/84 is a Fire Safety Code. The requirements to comply vary depending on the occupancy. The law requires building owners to notify Department of Buildings regarding the compliance status of their building by completing this form. The owner must specifically indicate on this form what work has been completed or partially completed to comply with the law. This form must be notarized. Duplicate copies are to be submitted to the Department.

Local Law 5/73 (fire safety for high rise office buildings only)

Ensure that a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect submits the documents required for Department signoff. Requirements vary according to the height and type (central or non-central air conditioning) of building. This checklist is to be used as an aid to the owner. The owner is responsible for full compliance with Local Law 5 of 1973.

  • PEO4 - Local Law 5 of 1973 Informational Checklist


DOB Façade Violation

Local Law 11/98
Failure to File a Façade Technical Report (NRF) violation - Ensure that a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect submits the outstanding LL11/98 Technical Report Periodic Inspection of Exterior Walls & Appurtenances. Pay the late filing penalties owed; $250.00 for every month that the report is not filed.

Failure to File an Amended Façade Technical Report Violation - Ensure the unsafe façade condition resulting in a technical report of unsafe has been corrected. Ensure that a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect submits, and the Department approves, an amended LL11/98 Technical Report.


DOB Boiler Violation 

Local Law 62/91
Failure to File a Timely Low Pressure Boiler Report - Ensure that an Annual Boiler Inspection Report (BO9 Form) for the current year is on file with the Department. Submit a copy of the current violation with payment of the penalty due via certified check or money order:

  • $500.00 penalty if building is six stories or less
  • $1500 penalty if building is greater than six stories

Should you decide to challenge the violation or request a reduced penalty, submit a copy of the current Certificate of Occupancy, AND, Self-Certification for Removal of Existing Boiler Form (OP49 Form) completed by a Licensed Plumber, Professional Engineer, or Registered Architect stating that the boiler for which the waiver is sought heats only the residential space and that the space served by the boiler is occupied by less than six families.


DOB Elevator Violation

Local Law 10/81
Mandated Elevator Inspection Violation - Pay the penalty due for the filing period in question and file a current Mandated Elevator Inspection Report (ELV3 Form) for the device, no later than September 30 of the current year.

Elevator PVT Violation - If the violation is hazardous or violation was issued for no access to the device or machine room, a Certified Elevator Inspection Company must submit a letter, by mail or in-person, to the Elevator Unit indicating the corrections made and requesting a re-inspection of the device.

If the violation is non-hazardous, the certified company may itself perform the re-inspection and submit an Affirmation of Correction (ELV29 Form) along with a copy of the violation to the Elevator Unit.


DOB: All Other Types of DOB Violations

Requirements vary according to the type of DOB violation. Consult with your Professional Engineer or Registered Architect. For assistance, contact the Construction Unit in your borough, which can help you identify and resolve all other types of DOB Violations.


Electrical Violations

Violation to Owner: No Application on File - Engage a Licensed Electrical Contractor to file an application. Penalties for unfiled work range from two to ten times the ordinary fee otherwise payable.

Violation to Owner: Defective Electrical Equipment -
Engage a Licensed Electrical Contractor to repair or replace the defective equipment. The contractor is required to file an application, make repairs, and obtain a Certificate of Electrical Inspection.

Violation to Owner: Nonelectrical Work not in Compliance (storage in electric room, improper signs at electric room, no access to electrical equipment)
- Filing of an application by a Licensed Electrical Contractor is not required. The owner should address the condition(s) cited in the violation (remove stored items, install proper signs, render equipment accessible) and call the Electrical Unit borough office for an inspection.

Violation to Electrical Contractor: Filed Work not in Compliance
- Ensure that a Licensed Electrical Contractor obtains a Certificate of Electrical Inspection. Filing of an additional application is not required if the contractor is the original filer.


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