Code Revision

The New York City Construction Codes protect public health, safety, general welfare, and the environment by establishing minimum standards for the design, construction, and occupancy of buildings.  To ensure the City’s construction regulations are up-to-date, every three years the City’s Construction Codes must be updated based on the latest version of the International Code Council Codes (I-Codes). 

The Construction Code Revision Cycle is primarily intended to: introduce measures to update to the 2015 I-Codes with New York City modifications; adopt innovative new technologies by incorporating the latest national standards; improve construction safety; clarify the existing text; and to correct errors, typos and inconsistencies.  All revisions to the Construction Codes must be incorporated into a local law that is approved by the New York City Council and signed into law by the Mayor.

To aid the process, the Department has organized a series of Committees to review the technical and administrative provisions of the Codes.  The Committees include:

Technical Committee

Technical Committee members are subject matter experts in their respective committee. 

Advisory Committee

Advisory Committees are formed (on an as needed basis) to consider issues that overlap the jurisdiction of Technical Committees or require a deeper level of analysis.  Members consists of representative stakeholder organizations and City agencies providing revision recommendations for the administrative provisions of the Codes.

Managing Committee

The Managing Committee is responsible for reviewing and accepting Technical Committee and Advisory Committee proposals regarding the technical and administrative provisions of the Codes.  Members include the chairs and co-chairs of the Technical and Advisory Committees, as well as representatives of construction, labor, real estate, government, professional and other stakeholder organizations.

For additional information regarding the Code Revision process, please refer to the 2017 Code Revision Cycle Handbook.


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