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UPDATE: New York City Electrical Code Revision Committee Application Period is Closed

The 2018 New York City Electrical Code Revision committees are anticipated to begin their work in Summer 2018. For more information regarding the process, see the guidelines described in the 2018 Electrical Code Revision Handbook.

Electrical Code Revision Process & Committee Organization

The Electrical Code revision cycle will include six Technical Committees and one Managing Committee. The technical committees will be responsible for reviewing and developing amendments to the technical provisions of the Electrical Code by consensus. The administrative provisions of the Electrical Code will also be reviewed by the technical committees in an advisory capacity. The Managing Committee is responsible for finalizing all proposed amendments.

Technical Committees

  • Wiring Methods & Materials
  • Wiring Protection, Switchboards, & Panels
  • Equipment for General Use
  • Special Occupancies & Equipment
  • Fire Pumps and Alarms, & Special Conditions
  • Remote Control, Signaling, & Power

Managing Committee

Managing Committee members will include the chairs and co-chairs of the Technical Committees, as well as representatives of construction, labor, real estate, government, professional and other stakeholder organizations.

Current Electrical Code

The New York City 2011 Electrical Code (Local Law 39 of 2011) took full effect on July 1, 2011 including Sections 27-3018(j) and 27-3021.2 of the Electrical Code. Under the NYC 2011 Electrical Code, the Department may issue OATH (Office of Administrative Trials & Hearings) violations for Electrical Code violations.

Electrical Code Revision and Interpretation Committees

  • The Electrical Code Advisory Committee (ECAC)
  • The Electrical Code Revision and Interpretation Committee (ECRIC)

Electrical Plan Review

Electrical Plan Review is required for electrical installations 1000 Kilo-Volt Amperes (KVA) or greater, or new or revised installations above 600 volts, and must be submitted to DOB by a New York State Licensed and Registered Professional Engineer or a New York State Licensed and Registered Architect.

Electrical Equipment Review

Electrical Equipment Review is required for electrical equipment not specifically addressed in the Electrical Code Technical Standards and any other electrical equipment not bearing an acceptable label of approval of an electrical testing laboratory. The review will be processed by the DOB’s Office of Technical Certification and Research (OTCR).

Electrical Code Variation / Special Permission Request

Determination is required for electrical code variance / special permission request. Requests must demonstrate practical difficulty and provide supporting documentation and include proposed equally safe alternative methods that meet code intent.

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Copies of the NYC 2011 Electrical Code (only the amendments to the NEC 2008 Electrical Code) and the New York City Electrical Code  (the amendments and the NEC 2008 Electrical Code) can be purchased at the CityStore.

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