Operations Policy And Procedure Notices #02/99


February 17, 1999


Company Changes for Licensed Master Plumber and Master Fire Suppression Contractors




To establish a procedure for the approval of applications for company changes made by a licensed Master Plumber or Master Fire Suppression Contractor.


The procedure for a licensed Master Plumber or Master Fire Suppression Contractor to change his/her company name, principals or ownership information shall be as follows:

  1. The licensee shall be permitted to make not more than three company changes within a two year period, provided the appropriate ownership documentation (i.e., certificate of incorporation, shares of stock, corporate minutes) is submitted to the Licensing Division. The new company information must be reflected on all required insurances. The licensee must pay the requisite fees for a new company plate and reissue/renewal of license.
  2. The licensee must submit a signed, sealed and notarized affidavit which states who (company and licensee) will accept responsibility for all active jobs and permits which were issued in the prior company name. If another licensee is accepting responsibility, her or she must also sign and seal the affidavit.
  3. Any requests for more than three changes in company name etc. within a two year period shall be referred to the Master Plumber/Fire Suppression Contractors License Board. The License Board will contact the licensee to appear before the board. If approved by the Board, the licensee shall follow the procedure listed in paragraphs 1. And 2. above.