Key Project Terms: Plumbing (Building Systems Installation & Modifications)

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Refers to quality assurance testing process that verifies, and documents that the selected building systems have been designed, installed, and function according to the owner’s project requirements and construction documents, and to minimum code requirements. Mandatory when the permitted equipment exceeds a total heating capacity of 600 kBTU/h.

Plumbing Fixture

A device connected to the property’s water distribution system which can either discharge wastewater, liquid-borne waste materials or sewage either directly or indirectly to the drainage system of the premises; or which requires both a water supply connection and a discharge to the drainage system of the premises.

Plumbing Installation and Modification Work

Work may include: new installation and additions, alterations, modifications or repairs to the existing piping installations, fixtures, plumbing appliances, gas piping and limited fire protection, within or adjacent to any structure; in connection with sanitary drainage or storm drainage; venting systems; and public or private water supply systems.

Project Application for Permit

Refers to the submission of construction documents prepared by a design professional (P.E./R.A.) and filed for approval with the Department.  In certain cases, design professionals may, with owner’s consent, opt for professional certification of applications (self-certifying compliance with applicable Codes and laws) and not require Department review.

Roughing-in Work

Parts of the plumbing system that are installed prior to the installation of walls, floors and fixtures. This includes drainage, water supply, vent piping and the necessary fixture supports and any fixtures that are built into the structure.

Sprinkler off domestic

Is a residential sprinkler system that shares the water supply between the sprinkler system and the required water service for the residence. This sprinkler system has a maximum of 30 sprinkler heads that may be installed on this water supply.

Water Piping

Water distribution pipe. A pipe within the structure or on the premises that conveys water from the water service pipe or from the meter when the meter is at the structure, to the points of utilization.

Water service pipe. The pipe from the water main or other source of potable water supply, or from the meter when the meter is at the public right of way, to the water distribution system of the building served.

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