Build it Back

NYC Build It Back

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the City issued an emergency order waiving all Department of Buildings application and permit fees for repair work to buildings damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

DOB Build it Back (BIB) Program: Application & Permit Fees Waived

Application and permit fees are waived for owners whose properties were damaged in Hurricane Sandy and who are rebuilding or repairing their homes through the City's Build it Back (BIB) program.

Contractors are no longer required to pay DOB filing fees and submit for reimbursement.

Affected Buildings

Applications being filed by contractors completing work funded by the BIB program are eligible for fee-exempt work for applications. The following fees are waived for these properties:

  • Demolition applications and permits
  • New Building and Alteration Type-1, 2, and 3 applications
  • Permits to renovate or repair
  • Records management fees
  • Electrical and plumbing applications (including Limited Alteration Applications)
  • Associated work applications and permits (i.e. elevators, sheds, scaffolds, construction fences)

Mandatory: Filing Fee-Exempt Work Online

All BIB applicants must electronically file fee-exempt work. Prepare the job application as you would with any other online filing and use the Department's NYC Development Hub. BIB applications cannot be filed at the Department's borough offices.

Once you provide the cost of the work, indicate that the work is fee-exempt:

  • PW1: First, in the "Special Programs" section, select "Yes" for "Is this a Build it Back job?" Then, in "Cost Information" section, select "Fee Exempt" when asked "What types of fees apply to this application?"
  • LAA: In the "Additional Information" section select "Yes" for "Is this a Build it Back Job?"
  • Electrical Applications: In the "Category of Work" section select "Fee Exempt-BIB program"