Building on My Block

The Department has several resources that allow you to track construction in your neighborhood:

Building on My Block is a searchable online database that is organized by Community Board for easy reference. The database provides information on new buildings, major alterations, and full demolition applications filed with the Department. Search by property address or Community Board to find major projects near you. The database includes jobs and filings from the Buildings Information System only. It does not include filings submitted in DOB NOW.

Please see below for information about the records available in each system.

Building Information System

The Building Information System enables you to easily see the latest developments at construction sites in your neighborhood and around New York City. You can find a variety of information on any property within New York City, including complaints, violations, applications, and permit information.


DOB NOW launched in 2016 with the goal of allowing all applications to be submitted electronically to the Department. Current DOB NOW job filings include: antenna, curb cut, electrical, elevator, fence, limited alteration application, place of assembly, sidewalk shed, sign and supported scaffold. Compliance filings for boilers, elevators and façades are also part of the system. Additional work types will be added in the coming years.

Zoning Diagrams

Architects and Engineers are required to submit simple, 3-D representations of new buildings and enlargements. These diagrams are available through Building on My Block and allow you to view visual depictions of major construction projects in your neighborhood.

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