Home Maintenance

Property owners are required to maintain their buildings in compliance with the City's construction codes. Failure to do so could result in violations, monetary penalties, and/or criminal charges.

If you are considering performing work on your home, consult a licensed Professional Engineer or Registered Architect to assess whether a permit is required.



Take precautions before seasons change to weatherize your home and save energy.


Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are designed to hold back soil that would move to a more natural slope or incline if the wall was not in place. As temperatures rise and the seasons change, retaining walls can become particularly susceptible to deterioration, which can put nearby buildings at risk. As a homeowner, you are required by law to maintain your property, including retaining walls, in a safe condition at all times.
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Energy Efficiency

There are several ways that you can increase the energy efficiency of you home and cut carbon emissions. Both small improvements, such as painting, and large projects, such as solar panel installation, can make a significant difference in lowering energy costs.
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Plumbing Permits & Applications

Before plumbing work begins, the property owner must hire a New York State licensed Professional Engineer (PE), Registered Architect (RA), or Department-licensed plumber to file for the proper permits. Plumbing contractors must be qualified to do the plumbing work they were hired to perform because improper work can create serious danger. Property owners and the people performing plumbing work without a permit may face violations with penalties, court appearances, and civil or criminal penalties.
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