Owner Checklists: Curb Cuts

As of August 28, 2017, it is mandatory to submit all curb cut filings in DOB NOW: Build.

This section contains a list of questions/tasks to help Owners, who are responsible for hiring professionals to provide compliance with the Construction Codes and other regulations discussed in the Project Guidelines.

Checklists include:

Initial Project Checklist


  • Pre-Project: Make sure you hire a Registered Design Professional, a Professional Engineer (P.E.), a Registered Architect (R.A.), or a Landscape Architect to assure your project is Code-compliant.
  • Project Drawings: Only a Registered Design Professional can submit construction documents, including drawings and other submissions, to the Department for approval.  You must provide an Initial Survey no older than 90 days, conducted by a NYS licensed Land Surveyor.
  • Project Work: Hire a Licensed/Registered General Contractor to perform the work.  When hiring a professional, have a written contract that includes the Contractor’s company name, address and license number(s).
  • DOB NOW: Build Requirement: Owner must provide their email address to obtain for correspondence, inspections and final sign-off of the project.
  • Commissioning: If your project requires commissioning, ensure you have a qualified commissioning agent perform the work and if required, file the commissioning report with the Department prior to sign-off.
  • Work Completion: Ensure inspections and sign-offs are performed to close the project permit.  You must have a Final Survey by a NYS licensed Land Surveyor.


  • Work Without a Permit: Do not begin work without a DOB permit.  Even if the application for work has been approved, Property Owners and the people performing work without a permit may receive orders to stop on-site work, ECB violations with monetary and criminal penalties including court appearances, and civil penalties.

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Prior to Application Approval Checklist

  • Hire a Registered Design Professional (RDP), P.E. or R.A., to consult and finalize scope of work.
  • Provide consent of the project permit application, and authorize the P.E. or R.A. – who is the ‘Applicant of Record’ – to submit project Construction Documents for Department approval.
  • In Initial Survey that is no older than 90 days must be submitted (example provided by NYC Department of Transportation).
  • Project approval is required prior to beginning work.

NOTE: The Owner of the building/property is ultimately responsible for the project, and their signature/consent is required for submission of the project application by their design professional, and Department approval.

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Pre-Permit & On-going Project Work Checklist


  • Licensed Contractor: Hire NYC Licensed/Registered Contractor to obtain work permit in order to begin work.
  • Site Safety: Property Owners must maintain their properties in a safe condition during the course of work.

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Project Completion Close-out Checklist

  • Department Inspections: Make sure the Contractor has completed all Department of Buildings inspections and has obtained sign-off of the completed work.
  • Final Inspection and Sign-off: Confirm that the Contractor has requested and passed a final inspection required by the Department.
  • Final Survey: Following completion of the project, a Final Survey showing the actual work must be submitted.

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