Owner Checklists: Renovations

Project Checklists contain project-specific details as they apply to the scope of work of the project. The Checklists were developed to assist in providing compliance with the NYC Construction Codes and other regulations.

The Project Checklists have been grouped by project application. Renovation checklists for Owners include:

  1. Antenna

  2. Curb Cut

  3. Deck, Porch, or Outdoor Swimming Pool

  4. Façade

  5. Institutional and Other Buildings

  6. Manufacturing Buildings

  7. Mercantile and Office Buildings

  8. New Greenhouse Installation

  9. Public Right-of-Way Encroachments

  10. Residential Buildings and Community Facilities

  11. Shoring, Excavation, Underpinning of Foundations, and Installation of Ground Structures, including Retaining Walls, Flagpoles, Signs and Other Structures

  12. Sidewalk Cafés

  13. Signs

  14. Storefront

The Owner is encouraged to hire a Registered Design Professional (project Applicant) before beginning any construction. The Registered Design Professional provides compliance with the NYC Construction Codes and other regulations.

Moew Owner Project Checklist Categories

  1. Building Systems Installation & Modifications

  2. Alterations COMING SOON!

  3. Demolition COMING SOON!

  4. Construction Equipment

  5. New Buildings COMING SOON!

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