As an owner and or Developer/Property Manager, your success in executing and completing a construction project depends on how well you know, plan, and manage your project.  You are responsible for knowing and understanding the requirements of the Department and other local regulations, and incorporating them into your project. 

For example, you’ll need to hire Registered Design Professionals, submit construction documents for approval, hire contractors to obtain permits and then commence work, during which you must ensure completion of various required inspections and close-out the project.

The Project Guidelines were developed as a collaborative effort between the Department and industry partners for the purpose of:

  • introducing you to the Construction Codes, Zoning and other regulatory requirements for project planning, execution and completion;
  • help you understand the Owner and/or Developer’s obligation to select a Registered Design Professional – Professional Engineer (P.E.) or Registered Architect (RA), as the responsible party to fulfill these requirements;
  • help you recognize Code requirements for hiring licensed contractors to perform the approved work; and
  • assist you in identifying additional sources of information to further understand these requirements.

The Guidelines provide information on tasks and responsibilities for the compliance of your construction project.  While the guide can be used for any stage of the construction project, you should begin using this guide before you start the project or file your project application.

If you are an Owner/Developer, Design Professional, General Contractor, Subcontractor, or any other party involved in the construction project, review the Guidelines before the project begins.  This initial review, will help determine who is responsible for each requirement, and help you to better assess project costs, site safety requirements and reduce liability and many potential risks.

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