Become a Course Provider

Effective February 28, 2015 the Department of Buildings adopted the amendments to Section 104-06 of Subchapter D of Chapter 100 and Section 3314-01 of Chapter 3300 and the addition of new Section 105-03 Subchapter 100 of Title 1 of the Rules of the City of New York, regarding course requirements for construction trades.

To be listed as a course provider you must meet the above Rule requirements and complete the following:

Item 1: Apply

Submit a completed and notarized Course Provider Application

  • Complete the Course Provider Application

  • Print and notarize the completed Course Provider Application

  • Scan & save the notarized Course Provider Application in PDF

Item 2: Submit Documentation

Documentation proving your organization is one of the following:


  • Save Item 1 and Item 2 above as an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file, attach both PDF documents to an email

  • Indicate your company name in the subject line

  • Indicate the following information in the body of your email

    • Company contact person

    • Contact Person telephone number

  • Send email to

Site Safety Training (SST) Courses

To be listed as a course provider for SST Courses you must:


  • Successfully submitted emails will receive an automatic reply “Your submission email has been received”

  • Department of Buildings (DOB) officials will review your application and supporting documentation

  • Once approved, applicant will receive an approval letter and subsequently will be listed as a Department Approved Course Provider

  • If your application is incomplete or DOB officials have questions about your documentation one of our representatives will contact you

  • Once approved a link to the DOB Site Safety Training (SST) Equivalency Information document is required to be on your website within one week.

  • Course Providers that want to add additional courses to be listed on the Department of Buildings Course Providers listing must submit an updated Course Approval Application and follow the Submittal Instructions for 1 and 2 (see above)

  • Applications delivered by individuals in person to the DOB will not be accepted

  • If you have not been contacted by one of our representatives, check that you have submitted your application and documents to the correct email address and, resend the submittal to