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DOB NOW is the Department’s new public facing web interface that allows customers to conduct transactions online.  DOB NOW provides customers with the ability to manage more robust online accounts, making it easier to submit applications, make payments, schedule appointments, check the status of an application or inspection, pull permits, make renewals, and have virtual interactions with Agency staff.  These efforts will reduce the number of in-person visits to Department offices, and will replace the current Building Information System (BIS) mainframe system.

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Enhance Audit Structures for Professional Certification

The Department conducts audits on a targeted number of projects that are professionally certified (a provision that allows engineers and architects to affirm that their plans meet the regulations stipulated by the Construction Codes).  The Department has adopted a risk-based model that places additional attention on the largest and most complicated projects.  This enhanced audit structure for Professional Certifications, allows the Department to effectively target its plan examination resources, reducing the overall time for project approvals.

Strengthening Enforcement Against Bad Actors

The Department will use all available regulatory tools to address bad actors by incorporating new technology to support attorneys and other legal staff in prosecuting applicants, Owners and Licensees who don’t follow the rules.

Online Plan Submission and Review

Services currently available at the Department’s Development HUB have been  enhanced and expanded to the five borough offices.  Applicants and Owners can review plans and objections alongside their plan examiner virtually or in-person.  The virtual review software eliminates the need for developers to visit a borough office and will allow the applicant to access reviewer comments and objections online.


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